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Partnership Agreements

The PhD in Economics and Finance has collaborative doctoral poartnership agreements with the following institutions:

- Bank of Italy, from September 2023;

- Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (EIEF), and LUISS, renewed in May 2024; 

- Research Center "Enrico Fermi" (C.R.E.F.), from June 2023;

- Joint Research Center of the European Commission, from July 2022.


More information on collaborative doctoral poartnership agreements, and the format for new agreement proposals are available here.


For a new agreement proposal, please contact the PhD Director, Prof. Gaetano Bloise at info@phdef.uniroma2.it 

The reference person at the PhD School Office is Andreea Arnautu (phone +39 06 72592305, e-mail: andreea.arnautu@uniroma2.it)