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The aim of the PhD program in Economics and Finance is to provide advanced specialization in Economics, Finance and Econometrics to students whose goal is a successful career in academia or in institutions that require advanced financial, economic and statistical skills. It offers:

- a distinguished faculty: courses are taught by distinguished Italian and foreign professors of proven teaching and research experience;
- a lively intellectual atmosphere: the program emphasizes breadth and a critical mindset; cooperation and joint research with fellow students and Faculty members are strongly encouraged;
- an international environment: the program enrolls highly qualified students from all over the world;
- worldwide connections: students are encouraged to spend periods of research in leading universities and research institutions worldwide.

Program commitment




 PhD program lenght


Ph.D. students may choose from the following fields of specialization:

Finance and Quantitative Methods

Financial Econometrics


Development Economics
International Macroeconomics
Political Economy
Topics in Macroeconomics


Economic Theory
Industrial Organization
Labor Economics
Public Economics


PhD Forum - First year students
Friday, October 13, 2023
Presentations from the first year PhD students
Room A


Students Welcome 2023

October, 10th - 22nd.
Monday to Friday, in the morning.

Enjoy Tor Vergata

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Subscriptions by February 28th, see the BASE and PREMIUM options in the form "other categories"  


SIE Prize 2022_Best PhD thesis

The PhD thesis by Daniela Fantozzi, former PhD EF student, has been selected by Società Italiana degli Economisti for the best PhD thesis in 2022

Carpooling Service

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Following years courses

2nd and 3rd year students are invited to attend elective courses offered at RED program at EIEF and at LUISS PhD in Economics.

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