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Tuesday 23 June 2020
Essays on Macroeconomic Nowcasting
June 23, 11.00 am
Tuesday 23 June 2020
Essays on Discrete Latent Variable Models
June 23, 10.30 am
Tuesday 16 June 2020
“Spatially-grouped patterns of unobserved heterogeneity in panel data models”.
1pm, on Teams
Tuesday 09 June 2020
"Approximate Bayesian Lorenz curves: estimating the income density function from differentiation of the Lorenz curve"; “A structural model of market ...
Friday 05 June 2020
Essays in the Economics of Immigration
June 5, 2 pm
PhD candidate_Aicha Karazhi (XXXII cycle), on Teams
Thursday 04 June 2020
Essays on Collateral Constraints
June 4, 3 pm
Tuesday 26 May 2020
"Assessing the Transmission Mechanism of the Unconventional Monetary Policy with a Shadow Rate model"; and "Filtering large shocks in nonlinear DSGE models".
Tuesday 19 May 2020
“Views processing via minimum relative entropy for Gaussian processes. Application in multi-period stress-testing.”; and "The Vector Error Correction ...
Tuesday 12 May 2020
“Study on local misgovernment using Remote sensing and Geographic Information System data integration”; and "Dynamic Factor Model: Structural analysis ...
Tuesday 05 May 2020
“Foreign investors and target firms' financial structure: cavalry or locusts?”
1pm, on Teams
Tuesday 28 April 2020
"Human Capital and Wealth Accumulation over the Life Cycle."
1 pm, on Teams
PhD EF Lunch Seminar: Stefano Manfredonia
Tuesday 21 April 2020
“Natural disasters, religiosity and productivity".
1 pm, room A or on Teams
Tuesday 07 April 2020
"Money and Credit in a New-Monetarist Model."
1 pm, on Teams
Tuesday 31 March 2020
"Multi-level Bottom-up Nowcasting."
1 pm, on Teams
Tuesday 24 March 2020
"A harmonically weighted filter for cyclical long memory processes."
1 pm, on Teams
Tuesday 03 March 2020
"Testing the martingale difference hypothesis using Martingale difference divergence".
1 pm, room A (1st floor, Bldg B)
Tuesday 25 February 2020
"Food consumption and standard of living in Francophone Africa, 1960s-2000s."
Feb. 25, 1 pm, room A (1st floor, Bldg B)
Tuesday 18 February 2020
“Monetary-Fiscal Interactions in a New Keynesian model with Hysteresis.”
Feb. 18, 1 pm, room A (1st floor, Bldg B)
Tuesday 11 February 2020
"Why economists and public opinion views on immigrants’ contribution to local economy do not match? The role of tv exposure."
Feb. 11, 1 pm, room A ...
Friday 07 February 2020
Topics in Game Theory_PhD in Economics and Finance.
12-hour course, February from 3 to 7, room A.
Attendance extended to all interested ...
Tuesday 04 February 2020
"Macroprudential Policy: Redistributive Impacts for Financial Stability"
Feb. 4, 1 pm, room A (1st floor, Bldg B)
Tuesday 28 January 2020
"The effect of innovation on firms’ employment: A manufacture firm-level analysis for Colombia"
Jan. 28, 2 pm, room A (1st floor, Bldg B)
Tuesday 17 December 2019
"Skewed Normal"
Dec. 17, 1 pm, room A (1st floor, Bldg B)
Wednesday 11 December 2019
"Random Probability Measures via Sequential Quantile Array",
December 11, 1.00 pm, room A (1st floor, Bldg B)
Tuesday 10 December 2019
"Income Inequality and Social Capital: an Empirical Analysis for European Regions"
Dec. 10, 1 pm, room A (1st floor, Bldg B)
Tuesday 03 December 2019
"Filtering and smoothing with score-driven models"
Dec. 3, 1 pm, room A (1st floor, Bldg B)
Wednesday 27 November 2019
"ZEROS" November 27, 1.00 pm, room A (1st floor, Bldg B)
Tuesday 26 November 2019
"Loan Loss Provisioning And Bank Lending"
Nov. 26, 1 pm, room A
Tuesday 19 November 2019
"A Bayesian Dynamic Factors model for G7 countries"
Nov. 19, 1 pm, room A
Wednesday 13 November 2019
November 13, 1 pm, room A (1st floor, Bldg B) "Vulnerable options and the Faa' di Bruno Formula"
Tuesday 12 November 2019
"La mobilità sociale nel Medioevo"
Nov. 12, 1 pm, room A
Visiting DEF_Dr. Ryan Rafaty (U. of Oxford)
Thursday 31 October 2019
Climate Econometrician
October 2019
Wednesday 30 October 2019
l_0-Regularized Huber Loss Function
October 30, 1 pm, room A (1st floor, Bldg B)
Tuesday 29 October 2019
"Does Fake News Affect Voting Behaviour? A quasi-experiment on the 2018 Italian elections in Trentino Alto-Adige"
Oct. 29, 1 pm, room A
Friday 25 October 2019
"A Bit of Salt, A Trace of Life: Gender Norms and The Impact of a Salt Iodization Program on Human Capital Formation of School Aged Children"
Oct ...
Tuesday 22 October 2019
"A GMM Estimator of a Linear Index Threshold Model"
Oct. 22, 1 pm, room A
Wednesday 16 October 2019
Value adjustment and Dynamic hedging of reinsurance counterparty risk
Oct. 16, 3.30 pm, room F
Tuesday 15 October 2019
'Have Carbon Prices Reduced CO2 Emissions? An Ex Post Evaluation of Climate Policies in OECD Countries'
Oct. 15, 1 pm, room A
Friday 11 October 2019
Oct. 11, 11 am, Meeting room CEIS
Tuesday 08 October 2019
"Sensitivity analysis of excess returns in cointegration-based pairs trading"
Oct. 8, 1 pm, room A
Tuesday 01 October 2019
Seminar: The p-value controversy: basics, overview, and recommendations
Oct. 1, 1 pm, room A, floor 1, bldg B
Tuesday 01 October 2019
by the PhD Coordinator, Prof. Proietti
Oct. 1, 12.30 pm, room A, floor 1, bldg B
 2nd Interdisciplinary Global Governance Symposium
Wednesday 11 July 2018
Boundaries and Resilience
 Air Force Academy Off-campus activity
Thursday 24 May 2018
Vist to Air Force Academy in Pozzuoli

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