The University of Rome Tor Vergata offers the 3-year interdisciplinary (L-16, Political Sciences) Undergraduate Degree (B.A.) in Global Governance taught in English. The extraordinary innovation of this Liberal Arts and Sciences course, within the Italian educational system, is in its inter-disciplinary nature, embracing courses from all the fields of study offered by the University of Rome Tor Vergata: Arts and Humanities, Economics, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Sciences. Distinguished local and international visiting professors from the above-mentioned areas have agreed to offer an unusual combination of courses meant to rigorously raise the awareness of young students to the challenges of global phenomena and their appropriate governance. This course will be reserved to a limited number of students, coming from all over the world, holding a high school diploma.




22 March 2018

Off-campus Visit in Luxembourg

Court of Justice of the European Union

Room S5

26 March 2018

Soft Skills Workshop

Workshop on Soft Skills with Paola Mascaro (GE Capital Italy)

Sala del Consiglio (Building B, 2nd Floor) 

27 March 2018

Iran, the Middle East and the West: Implications for Europe

Global Conversation with David Menashri (Founding Director, Alliance Center for Iranian Studies, Tel Aviv University)

Summer Course 2018 in European Public Law
A leading summer course in European Public Law (20 August-10 September)


The program takes place at the European Public Law Organization Premises in Sounion.

The curriculum is focused on the philosophical backdrop of different European national public law systems, as well as on their commonalities and differences.

Students may obtain a Certificate of Attendance for one session, or, an Intensive International Master of Laws (I.I.LL.M.) in European Public Law, a diploma level degree, following the attendance of two sessions and the defense of a dissertation.

Applicants should have an undergraduate degree in a relevant field, and a high level of proficiency in English.

Early-Bird Deadline with a -20% discount: April 27, 2018


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Borse di soggiorno per Vicenza Città Impresa- Festival dei territori industriali
13-15 Aprile 2018

Bando delle borse di soggiorno per partecipare all’undicesima edizione di Vicenza Città Impresa – Festival dei territori industriali, in programma da venerdì 13 a domenica 15 aprile 2018 (tutte le informazioni su

Promosso da ItalyPost e Comune di Vicenza, in collaborazione con la Commissione Europea-Rappresentanza di Milano e la Fondazione Corriere della Sera, e curata da Goodnet, Vicenza Città impresa - Festival dei Territori Industriali è diretto da Dario Di Vico, giornalista del Corriere della Sera. Da undici anni, il Festival è luogo di dibattito internazionale sui temi chiave dell'economia, della politica, della cultura, nonché centro di aggregazione per opinion leader, imprenditori e attori della società civile.

Impresa, economia, sviluppo dei territori, manifattura, industria 4.0, welfare, finanza, managerializzazione: da venerdì 13 a domenica 15 aprile 2018, le borse di soggiorno offrono la possibilità agli studenti selezionati di avere accesso a tutti gli eventi (convegni, workshop, seminari) del programma di Vicenza Città Impresa e di incontrare i grandi nomi dell’impresa, delle istituzioni e dell’informazione.

Le borse di soggiorno sono rivolte a studenti di laurea triennale, specialistica, master, dottorato e neolaureati per favorire la loro partecipazione al Festival.

Basic health care centre is now available for our foreign students and those coming from other Italian regions except Lazium.

The University of Rome Tor Vergata is pleased to announce that a basic health care centre is now available for our foreign students and those coming from other Italian regions except Lazium.

This initiative was strongly wanted by our Rector, prof. Giuseppe Novelli, by dr. Giuseppe Colpani, General Director of University of Tor Vergata, Dr. Tiziana Frittelli, General Director of Tor Vergata University Hospital,  Prof. Stefano Marini, President of IMS (International Medical School), Prof. Andrea Magrini, Head of the Department of Occupational Medicine and Prof. Tonino Marsella, Forensic Medicine. The service is free of charge for all Italian students residing outside Lazium, for all European students who have an ENI card number and for students of any nationality enrolled in the Italian National Health Service (SSN/SSR).  Support will also be given to those students that want to be enrolled in the National/Regional Health Service.

Examination rooms, located in the Occupational Health Department, will be open on Mondays and Thursdays 14-16 on the second floor of the University Hospital.

This facility is organized on a walk-in basis, without any appointment. Students may obtain the following services:

  • A normal medical examination
  • ECG and blood pressure check
  • Prescriptions (according to the doctor’s examination) of therapies, blood tests, instrumental investigations, specialist examinations
  • Health certificates for gymn.

A professional MD and an IMS student about to graduate will be working together in this health facility. The future IMS graduate will help the doctor in case of cultural or linguistic barriers hindering access to primary care. On the same days and time there will also be a nutritionist to treat eating disorders; customized diets may also be prescribed.

The following medical services will not be available: vaccinations, emergency, surgical medications or diagnostic and surgical procedures.