• Gustavo Piga
    Gustavo Piga: The complexity of the global economy needs to be faced and governed with decisiveness, vision and values. The future leaders that will master these new challenges need to be passioned, curious, competent and open to change and diversity. The Global Governance B.A. is built for them.
  • Riccardo Cardilli
    Riccardo Cardilli: A global world needs universal ideas. National states and legal orders prevent universal perspectives and common rules. Which universal ideas can we imagine to face globalization? What methods to solve the contradiction between global law, superpowers and human rights?
  • Donato Abruzzese
    Donato Abruzzese: My course? Contributing to the Global Governance BA with the skills to manage and prevent natural disasters. It's time to face even earthquake and tsunami considering global experience and coordinating the prevention and the reactions.
  • Silvio Pons
    Silvio Pons: "We know what things cost but have no idea what they are worth. We no longer ask of a judicial ruling or a legislative act: Is it good? Is it fair? Is it just? Is it right? Will it help bring about a better society or a better world? Those used to be the political questions, even if they invited no easy answers. We must learn once again to pose them". (Tony Judt)
  • Elisabetta Strickland
    Elisabetta Strickland: A choice for today to become a leader of our tomorrow.
  • Paola Sinibaldi
    Paola Sinibaldi: Being healthy is a right of every body in the world. To preserve the state of health is a big challenge and it needs a very different business model to be successful.

The University of Rome Tor Vergata launches a new 3-year interdisciplinary (L-16, Political Sciences) Undergraduate Degree (B.A.) in Global Governance taught in English. The extraordinary innovation of this course, within the Italian educational system, is in its inter-disciplinary nature, embracing courses from all the fields of study offered by the University of Rome Tor Vergata: Arts and Humanities, Economics, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Sciences. Distinguished local and international visiting professors from the above mentioned areas have agreed to offer an unusual combination of courses meant to rigorously raise the awareness of young students to the challenges of global phenomena and their appropriate governance. This course will be reserved to a limited number of students (40), coming from all over the world, holding a high school diploma.

Financial Support

10% of the students will be considered eligible for financial aid and will therefore be exempted from paying Global Governance tuition fee (€ 5,000).

In addition, for the students of the 2nd and 3rd academic years, further scholarships are awarded to the top students based on GPA and attendance.

APPLY NOW On-line for the Academic Year 2016-2017

Applications for foreign students are now open and can be submitted all year long until we reach the desired number of acceptances. Applications for the first 10 Italian students are now open as well and will remain open unitill February 29.



Global Conversation with Orit Perlov

Social Media Discourse: Evolving Doors in the Middle East.

Winter School 2016. Rome, February 29th - March 2nd 2016

Winter School 2016 “Politics and Institutions in Germany and Italy: innovations and common trends”.

Off-Campus on March 10th and 11th: Italian Air Force Academy in Pozzuoli

A unique experience for first year students of Global Governance.