The University of Rome Tor Vergata offers the 3-year interdisciplinary (L-16, Political Sciences) Undergraduate Degree (B.A.) in Global Governance taught in English. The extraordinary innovation of this Liberal Arts and Sciences course, within the Italian educational system, is in its inter-disciplinary nature, embracing courses from all the fields of study offered by the University of Rome Tor Vergata: Arts and Humanities, Economics, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Sciences. Distinguished local and international visiting professors from the above-mentioned areas have agreed to offer an unusual combination of courses meant to rigorously raise the awareness of young students to the challenges of global phenomena and their appropriate governance. This course will be reserved to a limited number of students, coming from all over the world, holding a high school diploma.



26 February 2018

Chianti off-campus activity

Plants and Environment Course


05 March 2018

ESCP Europe Masters

Post Lauream Orientation with Francesco Rattalino


08 March 2018

Winter School 2018

Politics and Institutions in Germany and Italy: innovations and common trends

Apply for the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in European Politics and Society (EPS)
A unique study programme offers courses at four major European Universities for those who are interested in Europe in the world.

There are approximately 22 Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Scholarships each year covering the whole 100 % of the tuition fee and offering to students extra 1 000 EUR per months as living allowances.

What do we offer?

Charles University together with its international academic partners is offering a unique new two-year international joint-master in European Politics and Society (EPS) in which you can study at four major European research universities in four beautiful cities: Prague, Leiden, Krakow and Barcelona. This programme is linking the fields of European politics, contemporary history and culture, economics, international relations and policymaking. The key role of the programme is to identify and analyse the key challenges Europe faces today (migration, security, populism, (Br)exits), and prepare the next generation of managers, policymakers and research leaders to deal with them.


The deadline for academic year 2018/19 is 28th February 2018. The admission procedure is done through the online application accessible from the webpage of the EPS programme You can send inquiry about the EPS programme to the following e-mail address:

Extra-curricular training and link to the work field

Two important features of this exclusive programme are an intensive extra-curricular training programme and a direct link to the future work field through frequent interaction with professionals and experts from outside academia through the Associate Partners of the programme. These partners include businesses such as Samsung and international organisations such as TEPSA, UNESCO and Forum 2000.

Joint events

All students spent their first semester in Prague, where they participate in the Prague Introductory week, At the end of the first semester, they choose the topic of the Master thesis and write a draft proposal for the thesis project, which they will present at a three-day Research Seminar in Barcelona. For the second semester students have two options, go to Leiden or Krakow. The two final semesters mcan be spent at any of the four universities depending on the specialisation. In the third semester all students will also travel to Brussels, for the Brussels field trip, a 3-day event to meet experts from EU institutions After the third semester all students will again participate in the Barcelona Research Seminar where they will get feedback on your thesis project from all other students and academic experts. The final semester is devoted to finalising the Master thesis, but all students will also participate in the Oxford Spring School.

Tuition fee

Tuition fee is 8 000 EUR per year. This programme got the Erasmus Mundus funding. There are approximately 22 Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Scholarships each year covering the whole 100 % of the tuition fee and offering to students extra 1 000 EUR per months as living allowances. Excellence Scholarship Award: Excellence Scholarship Award: Best self-funded students from the first year per each intake might be awarded the ‘Excellence Scholarship Award’ (covers 50 % of the Tuition Fee for the second year of their study).

Find out more! For more information:


Erasmus+ Programme - Call for application now online
Deadline February 28th at 12 pm



The Erasmus Programme is an EU exchange student programme that has been in existence since the late 1980’s. Its purpose is to provide foreign exchange options for students from within the European Union and it involves many of the best universities and seats of learning on the continent. 

The programme is aimed at cross-border cooperation between states to aid the growth of international studying, and with over 4000 students involved in the programme at any one time it offers an excellent chance of experience abroad.

ERASMUS+ CALL 2018-2019
LSESU Italian Society - HackItalia, Ideas Marathon for Future Policies, 22-23 February Milano

Tortuga is launching 'HackItalia', the first hackathon on innovative solutions to the policy challenges Italy faces. HackItalia will be held in Milan on the 22nd and 23rd of February. It will be a competition between teams on 4 political themes: formation, immigration, technological change and public finance, laid down in specific policy-cases and to be tackled with the support of expert mentors.

They are looking for professionals and students under-30. You can apply as a group (with at least 5 people) o as singles (and you will be assigned to a group). Travel reimbursement and accommodation will be provided for those residing outside Milan. There will be 50 participants organised in 8 teams, with mentors including Carlo Cottarelli, Marco Bentivogli, Fillippo Taddei, Irene Tinagli, Carlo Stagnaro, Maurizio Ferrera, Andrea Stuppini. A prize of 800€ will be awarded to the best team, while a prize of 400€ to the best theme. Applications are now open and on a first come first serve basis, so apply soon here

More information can be found here, on Facebook and on the attached brochure.

We hope this will be of interest.

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Basic health care centre is now available for our foreign students and those coming from other Italian regions except Lazium.

The University of Rome Tor Vergata is pleased to announce that a basic health care centre is now available for our foreign students and those coming from other Italian regions except Lazium.

This initiative was strongly wanted by our Rector, prof. Giuseppe Novelli, by dr. Giuseppe Colpani, General Director of University of Tor Vergata, Dr. Tiziana Frittelli, General Director of Tor Vergata University Hospital,  Prof. Stefano Marini, President of IMS (International Medical School), Prof. Andrea Magrini, Head of the Department of Occupational Medicine and Prof. Tonino Marsella, Forensic Medicine. The service is free of charge for all Italian students residing outside Lazium, for all European students who have an ENI card number and for students of any nationality enrolled in the Italian National Health Service (SSN/SSR).  Support will also be given to those students that want to be enrolled in the National/Regional Health Service.

Examination rooms, located in the Occupational Health Department, will be open on Mondays and Thursdays 14-16 on the second floor of the University Hospital.

This facility is organized on a walk-in basis, without any appointment. Students may obtain the following services:

  • A normal medical examination
  • ECG and blood pressure check
  • Prescriptions (according to the doctor’s examination) of therapies, blood tests, instrumental investigations, specialist examinations
  • Health certificates for gymn.

A professional MD and an IMS student about to graduate will be working together in this health facility. The future IMS graduate will help the doctor in case of cultural or linguistic barriers hindering access to primary care. On the same days and time there will also be a nutritionist to treat eating disorders; customized diets may also be prescribed.

The following medical services will not be available: vaccinations, emergency, surgical medications or diagnostic and surgical procedures.

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BORSE DI STUDIO per l’accesso a n. 5.450 borse di studio per corsi universitari di laurea e di corsi universitari di specializzazione post lauream.