The University of Rome Tor Vergata offers the 3-year interdisciplinary (L-16, Political Sciences) Undergraduate Degree (B.A.) in Global Governance taught in English. The extraordinary innovation of this Liberal Arts and Sciences course, within the Italian educational system, is in its inter-disciplinary nature, embracing courses from all the fields of study offered by the University of Rome Tor Vergata: Arts and Humanities, Economics, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Sciences. Distinguished local and international visiting professors from the above-mentioned areas have agreed to offer an unusual combination of courses meant to rigorously raise the awareness of young students to the challenges of global phenomena and their appropriate governance. This course will be reserved to a limited number of students (50), coming from all over the world, holding a high school diploma.

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Room Freezer

18 December 2017

Global Governance Christmas Wishes

Room P8

20 December 2017

Masters Programme in Data Science

Post Lauream Orientation with Stefano Leonardi (Sapienza University)

Sala del Consiglio

09 January 2018

Enrico Fermi and the story of a rediscovered notebook

Global Conversation with Luisa Cifarelli (Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna and INFN)

New Students' Article about the Global Conversation with Christopher McCrudden
Brexit: Where Are We Now?

Global Conversation with Christopher McCrudden (Queen’s University Belfast).


Check here Martina Miracapillo's Article "Long live the Reign of Spain"

Impressive. It is impressive how much a foreigner can feel the nationalism of a country which is hosting him/her just for a few months. I am the perfect example of this weird situation: spending my 5-months of Erasmus+ program in Madrid, I am learning to love madrileños, their tradition, their history, their typical food…briefly the whole country.



Erasmus International Dinner 2017
December 12, 7 pm, School of Economics

Erasmus International Dinner 2017

December 12, 7 pm, School of Economics

The Erasmus International Dinner is a well-established tradition here at Economia Tor Vergata and one of the most exciting times of the year:

Each December we invite all our students to prepare a typical dish from their country of origin and share it with the Tor Vergata community: the dinner becomes an occasion to discover different cultures and share our passion for food . . . and partying!

This year will also feature a Christmas Choir directed by Stefano Cucci.

The dinner starts at 7.00pm in Building A (Ground Floor).







Thesis Abroad Call
Call for application on grants assigned to graduating students doing thesis researches

The University of Rome Tor Vergata promotes a scholarship program for MA research thesis abroad.

See Call and Form.

For further information please contact the Office for International Relations:

Tel. +39 06 72593509 - e-mail:

Please note:

The total period of the stay abroad must be no less than 15 consecutive days and it must take place after the grant allocation and no later than December 31, 2018 (deadline to return to the home university).

Overseas Programme – Outgoing Students
Publication of Extra-European Mobility Grants Call 2017/18 See attached Call and Form.

The University of Rome Tor Vergata offers the opportunity to spend one semester at extra-European partner universities under a cooperation agreement framework for exam purposes.

For further information, please contact the Office for International Relations:

Tel. +39 06 72593509 - e-mail:

See the call and information sheets on partner universities


The competent office will verify the possible implementation of the exchange or, alternatively, will endeavor to find another location in the same geographical area. For this purpose, the Institutions that provided detailed information (see enclosed information sheets) for student exchange in the second list at the end of the call will be the preferred destination.

The competent office will allocate the Host Institutions after the publication of the provisional lists.

See also the Italian page, link: