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Dual Degree Programme with the University of Paris Est Créteil (UPEC)


The agreement between University of Rome Tor Vergata and the University of Paris Est Créteil (UPEC) has been signed for the establishment of the Double Degree between our degree course in Global Governance and the degree course in Science Politique à l'International, of UPEC.

The program, which started from the academic year 2020-21, gives 4 GG students the opportunity to obtain the double degree in the three years of the course. The selected students will spend the third year of their course in Paris, attending the same activities, in French and English, provided for French students. French students will be in Rome for their second year of studies.

Participation in the program is reserved for students enrolled in the major in Political Sciences, History and Law.

For the academic year 2023-2024, the application form must be submitted by January 30, 2023, and must be sent to the following email: global.governance@uniroma2.it and must state in the subject line "application for admission to Dual Degree UPEC".

The selection will take into consideration:
(i) adequate knowledge of the French language;
(ii) possession of the CFU required by the study plan of the course in GG for the first three semesters;
(iii) the student's motivation for participating in the program.

The selection will be carried out by a commission composed of teachers of the course of study appointed by the Coordinator.

The completion on the program allow the students to obtain the degree in Global Governance and the licence de Droit, Economie, Gestion Mention Science Politique, Parcours Science Politique à l’International.

Please note that, in order to obtain the scholarship for the stay abroad, it is still necessary to apply for the University's Erasmus call for applications for next year, which will be published at the beginning of 2023: students selected to participate in the Dual Degree will have access to the Erasmus scholarship, but only on condition that they have regularly submitted the application for the Erasmus call for applications.


Dual Degree Programme with the National Research University of St. Petersburg - Higher School of Economics

Starting from 2018, Global Governance students have the unique opportunity to take part to the Dual Degree Programme with the Bachelor in 'Political Science and World Politics' of the Higher School of Economics, National Research University of St. Petersburg. Visit the website of our University partner: https://spb.hse.ru/en/ba/political
The programme is a very special chance for students interested in broadening their knowledge in world politics, deepening their knowledge of Russian institutions and culture, and getting prepared for careers in government and policymaking, international business and non-governmental organizations. Upon graduation, they will receive diplomas from both institutions.
The programme’s curriculum includes: Russian language, political science, public policy studies, international relations and project management, combining theoretical knowledge with real-life approaches to political issues focusing on two ‘geopolitical’ tracks: (i) Northern Europe in the European Union; (ii) BRICS and Russian Studies.
Application is open to all GG second year students who are willing to spend their third year at HSE.

The selection will take into consideration:

(i) exams GPA and number (20% of the evaluation);

(ii) personal statement (no longer than one page) regarding exclusively your project plan for your period at HSE, including your evaluation of the potential of the programme for your career development (20% of the evaluation);

(iii) updated CV in English, detailing especially the activities you have done during the past two years in Global Governance (20% of the evaluation);

(iv) a personal evaluation (no longer than one page) of how you have contributed in the past two years to the growth of Global Governance (20% of the evaluation);

(v) your rate of presence in class (20%).

Deadlines and procedures are announced annually in the Spring by the Secretariat.