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Info richiesta tesi

I can only handle a limited number of theses.

The thesis applicant must have a good command of spoken English, that I will evaluate during the exam or a specific meeting, and written English, which they will have to prove to me by sending me a motivational request of about 3000 characters, including spaces.
The thesis topics should be related to the following organisational themes:
1. Executive, individual and team coaching
2. Use of personality tests in the work environment
3, Environmental psychology (factors of well-being and malaise in organisations)
4, Tools for soft skills improvement

I expect thesis writers to abide consider the following conditions:

  • I do not correct grammar and syntax, if the English is not correct, I send the thesis back without revising it until I see correct writing
  • I must be sent the table of contents with outline bibliographical references as soon as possible.
  • The work must be sent to me a little at a time; it is impossible for me to allow graduating students to send me all the work at once, a month before the thesis session
  • The convention is that you use UK English: write orgarnisation and NOT organization, behaviour and not behavior, and so on....
  • No use of blogs, Forbes, ecc. For reference see at the link below:
  • For communication, please use my email and do not write me on Teams.