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An innovative experiment of peer learning at Tor Vergata.

I explained to the students what is Organisational Psychology and its purpose. Then I asked them what they wanted to learn.
Finally, I proposed to them to do an experiment together.
In subgroups, they would prepare lessons for the other students. I would correct their lectures and their short essays.
Subsequently, they would produce web training for the other students.
This kind of lesson was an experiment in cooperative learning.
Cooperative learning is an educational approach that involves students, inviting them to work in groups to solve a problem, carry out an activity or produce work.
This educational approach almost completely overturns the concept of the lesson we are used to. Taking notes coexists with other systems based on students' discussion of the work produced.
The aim is to shift learning from a teacher-centred model to a more student-centred model.

The lessons you see published here are the result of the students' work:

NOTE: the access to some file may need Google or Microsoft account

Group 1 will be published shortly.

Group 1

Personality and IIndividual Differences


Group 2

How to deal with different personalities effectively/How to read people behaviour 18/11


Group 3
Career Fit


Group 4
Effective Behaviour in the Organisation


Group 5
How to Align a Team Towards a Common Goal


Group 6
Communication: influencing people


Group 7
Integrating personal differences


Group 8
How to stay motivated and motivate others


Group 9
Determinants of human behavior (activate audio icons)


Group 10
How to stretch others effectively


Group 11 ok
How to give effective feedback/How to be a good personal advisor


Group 12
Multicultural Management


Group 13.
Personal Development


Group 14
How to handle emotions effectively


Group 15
How to perform effectively under pressure and under normal conditions


Group 16.
How to behave effectively in a group


Group 17
E-Learning for Soft skills