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In addition to the initial welcome events and services, the EEBL Coordinator has meetings on a regular basis with the students of the programme. Participants of the meetings discuss any pertinent emerging issues, share module assessments and professor evaluations, elaborate on academic activities, consult students on topics of interest or concern related to the EEBL programme, and confer together with the EEBL staff and tutors to compare opinions and evaluate feedback. The main goal of the encounters is to ensure that students are part of an ever-improving programme that satisfies the evolving needs of the students each year. Moreover, students of EEBL receive continuous support from professors who are available to provide tutoring to students. Professor Martina Conticelli, Professor Berardino Cesi and Professor Barbara Annicchiarico are the official tutors who are available to aid students in academic issues and orientation. In collaboration with the EEBL Coordinator, the tutors accompany students throughout their EEBL academic career. They encounter students to make sure they are on track academically and offer assistance as requested by students.