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Throughout the year, we provide students with numerous additional learning opportunities.

As part of our ongoing efforts to expand and increase global commitment at EEBL, we would like to provide support and expertise to students across many initiatives and events to facilitate the integration of global learning into their research and studies. The following extra activities are offered during the course of the academic year, however they are not activities for which students may earn University credit.

Innovation Management and Strategic Growth Workshop 

An interactive meeting took place for 2 days in March. It was held by our special guest speaker, Enrico Iaria, an entrepreneur in the area of innovation and new technologies, as well as co-founder and chief managing director of SPICI and president of Edugo.AI. The meeting was a great opportunity for students to acquire new skills and techniques for answering critical business questions. Moreover, they had the chance to analyze practical case studies.    The workshop’s feedback was very positive and the participants were very satisfied and interested in the content presented.

Career Skills Seminar

Equipping oneself for professional employment and the job search process requires adequate preparation. EEBL is happy to help students as they move toward entrance into the workforce.  On 26 February 2021, Ms Rumiana Uzunova  held a seminar focused on the key concepts and tools of interviewing for a job, aimed at enhancing the soft skills of each participant. Attendees learned to develop behavioural and cognitive skills when attending an interview, how to differentiate among the different types of interviews and redirect one's response according to the interview type, how to understand what employers are looking for and how to market yourself in the international job search world.

Upcoming workshop on report writing

To better prepare for future employment opportunities, EEBL students may participate in the seminar aimed at the development of projects for participation in tenders, and the acquisition of practical advice and techniques useful for drafting reports.

Upcoming practical workshop on writing a CV and Motivational letter

EEBL students will be invited to attend a series of practical workshops dedicated to writing a CV and motivational letter. Following a brief presentation, EEBL staff will work together with students to revise CVs and motivation letters and provide examples that illustrate which actions to avoid and which information should be included in order to make a lasting and positive impression on the HR managers who evaluate candidates for employment.

EEBL wants you to get that job, internship and scholarship, and we are ready to help you!