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Enrolling in Single-subject courses

As part of your professional or curricular development or simply for your general cultural enrichment, you can apply to enrol in single-subject courses that are taught in the EEBL degree program without enrolling in the whole program.

At lease one of the following requirements must be met in order to take single exams:

- you are currently enrolled in a foreign university;

- you are currently enrolled in another Italian University, and you have permission from the University you are attending or there are specific agreements in force;

- you have already graduated or you have the academic qualification necessary to be enrolled in the degree programs of the University;

- you do not have the curricular requirements needed to gain admission to a Master’s degree course, and you must satisfy such requirements in accordance with the regulations laid out by the degree course committee.

Every year, the University's governing body establishes the single course fees (foreign students participating in inter-university mobility programs are excluded from payment of single course fees). Students already enrolled in a degree programme cannot contemporarily enrol in single-subject courses.

Single courses are subject to the same general or special regulations established for each Department, in particular with regard to matters such as attendance. Exceptions regarding pre-courses may be authorized by the didactic structures involved. The number of courses that can be attended in one year is established after evaluation of the sustainable limits of each single-subject course. The number of places available for degree courses with a limited number of students depends on the evaluation of the didactic Committee of the degree course in accordance with the facilities available, the sustainable teaching load and  the curricular requirements. Students who have registered for single courses are not eligible to receive the same benefits as those foreseen for students enrolled in the full-time University degree courses, except for students with disabilities and foreign students involved in inter-university mobility programs. 

Applications for single-subject courses can be submitted:

• for courses starting in the first semester: from early September to the end of November each year;

• for courses starting in the second semester: from mid-January to mid- April each year.

For courses which require compulsory attendance, applications must be submitted before the start of the course or in accordance with the measures agreed by the University degree programme.


a. Connect to the Delphi portal;

b. Select Student area;

c. Select Section 3 – Enrollment in Single Courses;

d. Fill in the application request and print it out;

e. Print out your €16 payment slip. The receipt will contain a confirmation code (AUTH).  It is also possible to pay your instalment and University contributions online on the UniCredit Bank website;

f. Validate your payment slip;

g. Contact the EEBL Programme Office by email msc@eebl.uniroma2.it to advise that you intend to take a single course from the EEBL programme.

h. Go to the Students' Office on the groupd floor of Building B in the School of Economics, before the beginning of the lecture period established for the course you selected, and submit the following documents:

• Your application for enrollment in a single-subject course

• A copy of your payment slip.

• Your clearance (nullaosta) from your University of origin if you are enrolled in other university.

The Students' Office will issue you a payment slip when you present your request to attend a singe course.  

The cost of these single courses is calculated as follows:

- for single courses in the School of Economics: - 150 Euros per exam up to a maximum of 6 ECTS credits - 300 Euros per exam over 6 ECTS credits

- for each exam that must be added to your academic curriculum for the enrollment in a Master’s degree course: 100 Euros.

After completing payment, students are required to bring the payment receipt to the Students' Office.

During studies, up to a maximum of 36 credits per academic year can be earned.