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Study EEBL and earn a Degree of Excellence

Dear prospective students,

The Master of Science in European Economy and Business Law (LM 90) is a two-year interdisciplinary program combining economics with political science, management, law and statistics. The program is taught entirely in English and structured to include the following courses: Public Choice & Public Economics, Advanced Management, Business Statistics, Economic History, EU Commercial and Administrative Law, Game Theory & Industrial Organisation, Economics of European Integration and International Economics, among others. 

Our student profile is a highly skilled candidate, with excellent knowledge of English, an academic background in economics, law, and political science, combined with an inclination towards international mobility and a strong interest in fieldwork learning activities. Almost all students have a study/work experience abroad in addition to other internship activities.

The purpose of the programme is to meet the demand for economic and business expertise with a European focus on:
- European institutions and international organisations
- Research institutions
- Government and non-governmental agencies
- Business consulting firms
- National and local public administrations.

Professor Carlo Ciccarelli
EEBL MSc Coordinator


The Master of Science degree programme in European Economy and Business Law is geared toward students with different cultural, economic and academic backgrounds. Hence, all EEBL enrolled students benefit from an exceptional advantage as part of an intercultural and interdisciplinary class.


EEBL's interdisciplinary structure enables consistent job placement in the public sector and in transnational institutions operating on a global level, as well as in private companies and businesses. It also provides a solid foundation for an academic career in future master or PhD programmes.


Our students come from East Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Diversity is a key asset which allows students to encounter different cultures, meet others from diverse backgrounds and share important life experiences. International friendships open the door to new professional networks for many graduates.