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We are so proud of our EEBL graduates! All of their hard work, dedication, knowledge and skills can now be put to good use as they make the transformation from students into graduates who quickly mature into expert professionals in their chosen fields and spheres of influence. When students achieve the MSc Degree in European Economy and Business Law, they become a lifelong member of EEBL’s history and a vital part of the programme’s SUCCESS STORIES.

EEBL Alumni

What are most alumni concerned with? Many of them wish to seek a stimulating professional career within their chosen field of interest and continue to learn, develop skills and hone their expertise and talents within an organization or company. Others plan on furthering their studies and reaching for an in-depth perspective of specific issues through the pursuit of an academic career or a doctoral degree. Either path of choice can be aided by staying connected to EEBL. 



Resources Available for EEBL Alumni

 - Selected final theses will be published on the United Nations Global Marketplace website

 - Tor Vergata E-mail for life that can be used for sending job applications

 - Access to online databases and e-Journals through the Tor Vergata Library Resources

 - Discounts for selected study programmes and Summer Programmes 


Staying Connected

Support the continuation of a lifelong academic and professional connection between the MSc Degree in EEBL and its alumni. Find out more about how to make an active contribution to the creation of our Alumni association by writing to: msc@eebl.uniroma2.it .

Find Alumni Colleagues

Alumni who are interestsed in keeping in touch with EEBL colleagues can participate in the creation of our Alumni Finder page by sending their consent form, recent photo, contact information and CV to msc@eebl.uniroma2.it . Alumni should specify which contact information and personal details they would like to share on the EEBL website.


The EEBL Alumni Day aims to support the continuation of a lifelong academic and professional connection between the EEBL alumni and current students.

Sixth Edition - 17 April 2024

Thank you all for participating in our Open Day! 

This important event allowed us to review the value of the study path of EEBL through various interventions and testimonials. 

We thank Dean Lucia Leonelli for welcoming the student and Coordinator Carlo Ciccarelli for presenting the MSc.

A special thanks to Professor Elisabetta Iossa that has been a Member of the Italian Competition Authority since February 1, 2022. She is a Full Professor of Political Economy at the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” (on leave).

Now it’s time for applications. 

Registrations are open until May 20th for non-EU students and until July 29th for EU students. 




Fifth Edition - 16 May 2023

The meeting with Prof. Carlo Ciccarelli, EEBL Coordinator, to learn more about the MSc in EEBL.
Our Alumni Margaux Marè, Micol Mincuzzi, and Edoardo Scilletta shared their student experience.

Fourth edition - 12 May 2022

This year the Alumni meeting hosted Prof. Sara Savastano, Director of IFAD's Research and Impact Assessment Division.

Our Alumni Viviane Filippi, Carlotta Chialastri, Giacomo Gabbuti and Andrea Graziani shared their student experience.

Third edition - 14 May 2021

This year the Alumni meeting hosted Mr. Paolo Buccirossi from Lear and Mr. Alberto Zezza from the World Bank. 

Our Alumni Davide Bellucci, Silvia Vannutelli and Oliviero Papa shared their EEBL experience.

Did you miss it? Watch the video recording HERE.

Second edition - 18 May 2020

On Monday 18 May 2020 at 5pm the ALUMNI DAY of the Master of Science in European Economy and Business Law took place live on Microsoft Teams.

Click here to watch the video recording of the event. You will be able to listen to successful Alumni and learn more about the companies hiring our graduates.

First edition - 3 May 2019

In 2019 the EEBL Alumni meeting hosted Mr. Sandro Luzzietti from IFAD, Mr. Roberto Franzese from American, Express and Ms. Laura Sanzi from ENEL.

Several EEBL alumni shared their EEBL experiences and explored job and internship opportunities available in their workplaces.Wrapping up, Ms. Lisa R Tucci, TestaAlta Founder presented Quantum Learning's 8 keys of Excellence.

Below are some pictures of the event held on Friday 3 May 2019.