Updated A.Y. 2018-2019


Health economics is a growing field and is an important aspect of public policy in developed and developing countries. This course is designed to introduce upper level undergraduate students in economics to the field of Health Economics. The provision and production of health care have different characteristics and incentives from other consumer goods making health related markets a unique topic for study. We will cover a number of topics including basic economic concepts important for the study in health economics, why health is different from other good, aspects of the US health care market, health care in other countries, health care reform, as well as discussing the importance of health for development. The goals of this course are: first to increase the student’s familiarity with economic concepts and theories, especially as they can be applied in the health care sector; second to increase the student’s ability to use formal quantitative tools to analyze economic problems; and third to develop the student’s ability to apply economic reasoning to health care issues and decisions.

Course Organization
This course will follow a lecture format. Students are encouraged to ask questions on the course material and to share any personal experiences that are relevant to the topic. Reading assignments will be made in advance, and students will be responsible for reading them prior to each class, and in case leading the class discussion.  Part of each student’s final grade will depend upon class participation.  Students will also be expected to choose, study, and present one topic to the class.

Micro-Economics is a pre-requisite for this course. Knowledge of multivariate statistics and econometrics is recommended since an exposure to regression analysis will also be useful for understanding the material. Students who are unsure about their preparation for the course should speak with me.

Textbook / Readings
The required text for this course is:
• Bhattacharya, Hyde and Tu (BHT). Health Economics, 2014. Palgrave MacMillan.       ISBN: 9781137029966.  – The suggested pathway within the textbook is “Economic theory facts”

Other textbooks for general reference:
• Folland S., A.C. Goodman and M. Stano, “The economics of health care”, Routledge; 7th edition (2013)  - ISBN-13: 978-1292020518
• Getzen T. E., Health Economics, Wiley, 2003 - ISBN-13: 978-0471432036.

There are also assigned readings which will be made available on the class website.