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Stay Permit - Permesso di Soggiorno

It is a residence permit card, or “permit to stay” in Italy for non-EU citizens, that validates your presence in an Italian city for a specific period of time.

EEBL students must apply for this document - within the first eight days after arrival in Italy – if they are non-EU citizens and intend to stay in Italy for more than 90 days. Prior to applying for a permit, students will need to have applied for a study visa at the Italian consulate in their home country.

Simple Steps to Obtain a Permesso di Soggiorno

1. Pick up your Permesso di Soggiorno Kit
You can pick up a permesso di soggiorno kit from the Tor Vergata Welcome Service on via Cracovia during the months of September and October, or go directly to the post office (ufficio postale) located at via Terzilio Cardinali, 11. When you go to the post office, be sure to take a number from the machine at the entrance. Once they call your number, go to the counter and request a “permesso di soggiorno kit”. This kit will include all the necessary application forms and instruction manuals. The post office indicated above is open Monday to Friday from 8:20 am to 7:05 pm, and Saturday from 8:20 am to 12:35 pm.

2. Complete the Permesso di Soggiorno Kit.
The forms will be all in Italian, so you may need some help. Use the example form as a guide, and let the EEBL Programme Office know if you have any problems. DO NOT sign and date the application until you return to the post office and can sign it in front of a postal employee. Make sure you complete the following steps before you return to the post office to submit your appointment request.

3) Prepare for Payment
In order to complete the permesso di soggiorno application, you’ll need the following amounts in cash:
• €16 euro – Marca da Bollo stamp duty
• €5 to 10 – Passport sized photos
• €31.76 – Shipping costs to mail the application
• €40,00 – Processing costs
• €30 – Application fee
• €50 – Health insurance (use this form which provides insurance until January)

4)  Buy a ‘Marca da Bollo’ stamp duty
marca da bollo is a special kind of stamp duty. You must buy it from a tobacco shop (tabaccheria) and specifically indicate the amount stated on the application (€16). Apply the adhesive stamp on your application inside the box where it says “marca da bollo”.

5)   Obtain 4 passport size photos
Find a photo booth (fototessera) machine. They are often located at train and bus stations and shopping centers. The photos will be needed at the time of your appointment at the Questura (not when you send the documents at the post office). This photo will be used on your permesso di soggiorno card. Guidelines regulate that the photo must be recent. 

6) Make photocopies of all important documents
Go to the nearest photocopy service shop (copisteria or cartoleria) and make at least 2 photocopies of the following documents. You’ll need one copy to submit with your application, and an additional copy for later on.
• All pages of your Passport
• Proof of health insurance. If you’ve applied for international health coverage, including a copy of your health card. If you don’t have health insurance, you can use the like here for the bill and pay for a temporary policy at the post office.
• A copy of your EEBL acceptance letter.

7) Make sure you have an Italian tax ID number (codice fiscale)
Go to the nearest local revenue agency (Agenzia delle Entrate) to request an Italian tax ID number.

8)  Submit your Permesso di Soggiorno application
Return to the post office to submit your request; the employee at the counter will review everything before allowing you to sign the documents and seal the kit. You will be given a piece of paper with a date and time on it. This is your appointment time for the police immigration office (Questura).
They will also give you the post office receipt (usually a little white piece of paper with a red band at the top) that you must bring with you to the police immigration office. This receipt acts as your temporary permit is proof that you have applied. DO NOT THROW THE RECEIPT AWAY. You will want to keep this receipt and carry it with you at all times. If you wish to travel outside the country, you will need to show this receipt at customs.

9)  Go to the police immigration office on your appointment date
• Go to the Questura on your assigned appointment date and time. Make sure you leave yourself several hours for this and bring with you the following:
• Receipt from the post office
• Paper from the post office that shows your appointment date and time
• Proof of health insurance, plus a photocopy
• Admission letter, plus a photocopy
• All the documents you used when applying for your visa at the consulate in your home country, plus a photocopy
• Passport-size photos

After you finish the procedure, they will tell you when to return to pick up (ritirare) the permit. They will probably write down a code on your receipt. You can use this code to check online if your permesso di soggiorno is ready. Some police stations even have a system that will send you a text message to tell you to come on a certain day to pick it up.

10)  Pick up your Permesso di Soggiorno card 
You may have to wait several weeks before your permesso di soggiorno is ready.