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Here you can find how to register and sit an exam, accept or reject a mark through the Delphi platform and general information about how to manage all course exams in order to fulfill the degree requirement.

Exam sessions are held three times a year: in winter, summer and autumn.

Only regularly enrolled students may participate in exams each semester. Students must first register through the Delphi online platform to sit an exam (if they cannot be present for an exam, students must cancel their request to sit the exam). Once they have sat an exam, the marks are registered and an email is sent to the students to notify that the marks have been posted in Delphi. Students may accept the marks (and do nothing) or, students have four days to make a comment in Delphi regarding the achieved mark.

Any student found copying during an exam will fail the exam and the professor will indicate 'respinto' in Delphi. Students should always take their exam booklet to each exam session. Students can sit exams more than once (not in the same session), however, they are strongly encouraged to accept their marks and proceed with the remaining exams.

To fulfill the degree requirement, students must sit all core course exams, complete two elective activities, and successfully complete one further training activity before they can register to present their final thesis. Exams are either 6 or 12 CFU each. In order to complete the degree programme according to schedule, students should sit at least 3-4 exams per semester.