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Getting ready to graduate

All details regarding access to the graduation session can be found here.

In order to qualify for the graduation session, EEBL students must obtain the minimum number of 96 credits for core classes and electives and fulfill all financial obligations toward the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Students must also register for the graduation session on the Delphi online platform, submit the required documents, pay for the diploma certificate at the Students Office in the School of Economics and write a final thesis which is worth 24 credits.

Students will be awarded the MSc in European Economics and Business Law if they achieve a final average mark of at least 66/110.

Graduates will be contacted by the Office of Student Affairs (Segreteria Studenti) when their diploma certificate has been issued, therefore graduates are strongly advised to make sure their email address on Delphi is always up to date. Graduates should keep in mind that the EEBL Programme Office does not have information pertaining to when the diploma certificates are issued.