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Last call Application Thesis abroad

Application for a research period for the preparation of the MSc degree thesis in European or non-European countries! The deadline is May 6, 2022 (12,00 – Midday, Rome GMT).

The main purpose of the program is to allow a research period for the preparation of the degree thesis (only for master or single cycle degree) in European or non-European countries at universities or non-university structures (such as private and public institutions, laboratories, libraries, research institutions, archives, etc.) deemed appropriate for the thesis project. The choice of destination can be made among one of the universities with which Tor Vergata has an agreement or any other public or private body.

Compulsory documents for the application are:

  • thesis project and motivation letter;
  • reference letter by the thesis supervisor of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”;
  • any invitation letter or document demonstrating the contacts with the hosting institution;
  • any certificates proving language proficiency;

Applications shall be submitted exclusively online, by filling out the application form available at: http://mobint.uniroma2.it/extra/candidatura/default.aspx

All information is available here.