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Language Learning at the University of Rome Tor Vergata in Rome, Italy

Master of Science in EEBL students can take advantage of many opportunities to improve their language skills while working on their degree.

Italian Language Courses for Foreign Students

All foreign students admitted to the programme may participate in free Italian courses during the first year of their studies. Beginner and Advanced courses are offered to prepare students to use the Italian language on a daily basis. The courses will enable students to complete all practical tasks while living in Rome as well as make new friends! 

Foreign Languages for all EEBL Students

The University's Linguistic Centre il Centro Linguistico di Ateneo (CLA) provides free courses in foreign languages for Tor Vergata students and Erasmus Plus students. The CLA can also administer language certification exams for a small fee. The Centre is located within the CapmusX facility on via Passolombardo, 341 in Rome. Interested students should contact the EEBL Programme Office for more information.

The School of Economics hosts a Language Laboratory that all EEBL students can use independently. Numerous technological and printed resources are available for learning a wide array of languages. Available resources include audio-visuals, interactive learning courses, videos, CD's, educational software, reading material, dictionaries, grammar books, role playing board games, practice exams, Business English material, magazines for topics to use during qualifying exams, and more. Students can access the language laborary at their own leasure or make an appointment with staff to arrange for an individual assessment with the laboratory staff. The Laboratory is located on the second floor of Building A (Didattica) witihin the School of Economics, in Room 3. 

Foreign Language Certification

Students who require the DELF French language certification for Erasmus participation or for employment purposes can benefit from certification testing at the School of Economics of the Univeristy of Rome Tor Vergata. Students interested in achieiving a B1 level language certificate can also follow the French course proposed through the CLEM course. Students interested in achieving a B2 level language certificate can follow the French course proposed through the CLEM master of science course. For information and registration, please contact Professor Bertinotti: bertinotti@economia.uniroma2.it .