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Rome, the Eternal City
This fascinating city awaits discovery. Its history, art and architecture join to create a magical ambiance where Italian fashion, culinary traditions and cultural heritage make living in the “Eternal City” an unforgettable experience. The high concentration of famous monuments in the centre of Rome render the city one of the most important UNESCO world heritage sites. Moreover, the presence of the Vatican city-state, museums, ancient ruins and churches attest to the spectacular amount of attractions available for citizens and tourists to enjoy.


Living and Studying in Rome, Italy
The Eternal City has fascinated and attracted visitors, artists, researchers and writers for centuries. Italy is famous for its dolce vita way of life, along with Italian cuisine, lyric opera, Italy’s mild climate, ancient archaeological ruins, Italian style and fashion, age-old traditions, captivating folklore and local festivals make studying in Rome a truly unforgettable experience. Students find themselves surrounded by ancient history, inspirational architecture, centuries of impressive art, world-famous music, stylish shopping areas and much more, offering an endless choice of events, performances, places to visit and food to taste. The enchanting city of Rome is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, a place full of colourful corners to discover, friendly people to meet and new experiences to enjoy. Those interested in taking advantage of the many local activities can contact Daltours and take part in fun excursions and city tours. Students who wish to explore more of Italy and Europe can also contact Euroadventures for discounts on exciting tours and activities in English throughout the year. 

Enjoying Events in Rome
Rome offers an endless supply of cultural manifestations, cinemas, theatres, museums, cooking schools, cultural institutes, parks, concert halls, sports games, historic buildings and archaeological sites and places of interest. Activities are abundant all year long in Rome, many of which are offered free throughout the year, hence during your study period you can enjoy frequent live events, festivals and opportunities to discover Rome’s cultural heritage. The eternal city in the heart of Italy is full of activities to participate in, and places to eat, shop, visit and where students can easily enjoy the local culture or learn about the city’s long history.

The following is a sample of a few English language websites that offer indications about events and activities in Rome.


Once students overcome the initial excitement of living in Rome, they come to see Rome as their new home. The article, ‘50 Signs that Rome is Home’ allows a peek at what many students can expect to experience after living in Rome for a long period.

Shopping in Rome
One of the favourite pass times of students is shopping for the latest Italian fashions. The elegant city centre area between the Piazza del Popolo and the Piazza di Spagna offers luxury fashion trends and shopping within a beautiful historical context which attracts tourists year round. Italy is famous for its fashion style but bargain hunters can enjoy shopping in less expensive parts of the city. Weekly outdoor flea markets include Porta Portese (open Sunday mornings from 7:00am to 2:00pm) and via Sannio (open 7:00am to 2:00pm from Monday to Saturday). Rome also has an array of large shopping centres which include: Parco Leonardo, Porta di Roma, CineCittà 2, Roma Est, La Romanina, Euroma 2. Close to the University of Rome Tor Vergata is the Tor Vergata shopping centre. Outlets include the Castel Romano Designer Outlet and the Valmontone Fashion District Outlet. Buses leaving from the Termini Railway Station make regular trips to the outlets and shopping centres throughout the area. Some shops are open from 9:00am to 1:00pm, then close for three hours and open again from 4:00pm to 8:00pm; other shops are open non-stop. Often shops are closed on Sundays.

Eating in Italy
Romans are hospitable and friendly, so visitors often fall in love with the city and its inhabitants. However, the most appealing reason to study in Rome just might be the Italian cuisine. With a wide variety of delicious, fresh ingredients available all year long, the discovery of authentic Italian food is a cultural experience in itself.  Cooking lessons at culinary schools, Michelin starred restaurants, coffee shops, wine bars and gourmet pizza and hand-made gelato tantalize the taste buds of visitors while evoking feelings of satisfaction, wellbeing and appreciation for the culinary traditions alive today in Italy.

Transport Services in Rome
Atac S.p.A is the official public transport company in Rome. Students can choose among different types of tickets for buses, trams and on the underground service, according to their needs:
- BIT – Integrated Time Ticket (€ 1,50): valid for 100 minutes after validation;
- BIG – Integrated Daily Ticket (€7,00): valid until midnight (12 AM) of the day of its validation and for an unrestricted number of journeys;
- Monthly Pass – Ordinary Personal (€35): valid for the calendar month as printed on the pass, for an unrestricted number of journeys.
-Annual Student Pass (€141): valid for 365 days for unlimited journeys in one zone on buses, trams and underground.

Holidays in Rome and in Italy throughout the year

1 January: New Year's Day 2 June: Italian Republic Day
6 January: Epiphany 29 June: Patron Saint of Rome
21 April: Easter Sunday 15 August: Ferragosto Feast of the Assumption
22 April: Easter Monday 1 November: All Saint’s Day
21 April: Rome's birthday 8 December: Immaculate Conception
25 April: Italian Liberation Day 25 December: Christmas
1 May: Italian Labour Day 26 December: Saint Steven’s Day

Postal Services in Italy
The leading operator in Italy for providing postal services is Poste Italiane. Students may benefit from services such as mail and parcel collection and delivery, telegrams, express mail, bill payment, and banking services. Foreign students are required to use the postal office to send their official paperwork to request an appointment for the Permit to Stay in Italy. Students should note that not all branches of the Italian postal services are able to accept the request for Permission to Stay in Italy and for this purpose, most Tor Vergata students use the via Ciamarra branch postal office.