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From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Grammenos Mastrojeni will present a useful series of lectures on how to be more professional and prepared to enter today's workforce. The workshop lectures will take into consideration an array of skills that are essential for finding a keeping a job. Students are encouraged to read the material regarding public speaking as well as negotiation techniques. In order to receive extra activity credit, students must be present for each seminar (no less than 80% attendance). The seminars will be structured as follows:

  • Intercultural Relations Prejudices, comparison of scales of values, personal "filters", levels of language (verbal, somatic, space management).
  • Negotiation Techniques and tactics, interests and rationalization of negotiations; from the positional negotiation to the search for mutual benefit; interest analysis techniques; the "BATNA" (Best Alternative to A Negotiated Agreement); agreement on the substance of an agreement vs agreement to make an agreement; typical negotiating dynamics; training and cohesion of the delegation; management of non-verbal spaces and dimensions; exercises.
  • Public Speaking and Relations with the Media: a) Frontal exposure - the difference between the illustrated substance and the desired result; audience analysis; logical-verbal dimension; postural and environmental management; times of attention; rhetorical expedients. b) Cooperative debate - establishing an "alliance"; the "grafts"; the reinforcement echo; timing and order of interventions. c) Competitive debate - negotiation on stage; attack the opponent or attack his arguments; the basic choice, endorse or delegitimize the opponent. d) Relations with the media - standard methods of communication (press release, interview, press point, press conference); "web" mode; the rules of Quote engagement, in off, confidential; the "relationship" with the journalist, get him on your side. Careers in Development Cooperation a) Introduction, "life choices rather than professional choices"; b) The NGO world; c) The European Union; d) The United Nations universe; e) How to write an application.


9 MAY 2023 16.00-18.00 TBA
10 MAY 2023 16.00-18.00 TBA
11 MAY 2023 9.00-13.00/14.00-18.00 TBA
12 MAY 2023 9.00-13.00/14.00-18.00 TBA