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Language Lab

The Language Laboratory in the School of Economics is located on the second floor of Building A (Didattica). It offers a combination of a multifunctional language laboratory and a library. This structure was designed to promote self-learning of Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and other languages through the use of interactive computer programmes, audio-visual material, language courses on tape and CD-ROM, educational videotapes, films in original language, educational software, reading books of various levels, dictionaries and more. There is also an ample selection of magazines and newspapers in various languages, books, role-playing board games and other suitable material to stimulate verbal communication. The Language Laboratory is open Monday to Friday from 11 am to 2 pm. Further information in Italian can be found here. Other resources at the University of Rome Tor Vergata include the Center for Italian Language and Culture for Italian language learning and the CLA (Centro Linguistico di Ateneo) language learning facility for all students interested in language learning as well as language competence certification (the website is in Italian).

Computer Lab

There are three computer laboratories in the School of Economics where students can access information services and follow lectures. Rooms S2 and S4, both located on the second floor of Building A, are equipped with 36 computer stations each. The “SED” classroom, on the ground floor of Building B, has 16 seats and is reserved for students following computer classes, and can be accessed upon request. There are also three multimedia classrooms, respectively The Council Room, the TL Classroom (used for thesis presentations) and the Aula Magna, as well as 36 classrooms ranging in size and capacity from roughly 50 to 450 seats, which are all equipped with modern audiovisual equipment. EEBL students have access to free classes to learn the Microsoft Office Package.

Library Resources

The University of Rome Tor Vergata offers several available libraries where students can study, perform research, access numerous databases and attend educational programmes. The Vilfredo Pareto Library is located on the ground floor of Building B in the School of Economics and during the academic year is usually open from Monday to Friday; students must show a valid I.D. card in order to gain entry. The library, in addition to its large collection of printed material, offers an ample selection of databases and online media library which students and graduates can access to download newspapers, magazines, e-books, films, journals, databases, e-learning courses, photographic archives, music and more. Some of the online database resources available to EEBL students include: Legal Source, Business Source Complete, Econlit, Jstor, Infoleges, Lexis Nexis, Pluris Data, De Jure, Legge Plus, Scopus, Web of Science, Morningstar, Datastream, CEPR, MLOL, NBER, Kluwer Law Online, Elsevier Full Collection, Emerald, Financial Times, The Economist, The Economist Historical Archive, and AIDA. 

Shuttle Bus

Students may also benefit from the free university campus shuttle bus which services the campus and provides transportation between the Frascati train station, the Anagnina bus station in Rome, the university campus and the CampusX student housing facility. There is also a shuttle bus available for students with disabilities.

Services for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities are welcome at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. The CARIS office offers forms of assistance for students with special needs and the staff are available to help students learn about the financial aid, campus shuttle bus, tutoring, and other available benefits for students with certified disabilities. Students with disabilities or particular issues must register at the CARIS office and present certification of their condition in order to receive benefits or forms of support including during exams.The CARIS office is located in Room L1 on the ground floor of the Didattica Building in the Faculty of Engineering, on via del Politecnico, 1 (Phone: 062022876 Email: segreteria@caris.uniroma2.it).