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Alumni 2013/2014

Partnership Assessment & Development Consultant at Save the Children, Rome

Catherine Stefany Aguilar Jauregui

Thesis: "Sustainability and outreach trade-off of microfinance institutions in Peru" Supervisor: Prof. Leonardo Becchetti
Data Analyst at Sourceter, Baku

Farid Amiraslanov

Thesis: "A comparative analysis of the family business governance in UK, Canada and China" Supervisor: Prof. Luca Gnan
Policy Officer - Prudential Regulation and Supervisory Policy at EBA

Filippo Azzarelli

Thesis: "The impact of corporate governance on capital structure" Supervisor: Prof. Vincenzo Farina
Business Analyst P&C at AXA Italia

Giuseppe Bernardo

Thesis: "Lines of credit in corporate finance" Supervisor: Prof. Gianluca Mattarocci
Business Analytics Specialist at ICONSULTING, Rome

Enrico Bologni

Thesis: "The effect of microfinance on poverty reduction. The case study of buen vivir, ecuador" Supervisor: Prof. Leonardo Becchetti
Alternative investments specialist at Sara Assicurazioni S.p.A.

Chiara Borzi

Thesis: "Real estate factor premium" Supervisor: Prof. Gianluca Mattarocci
CFO & Co-Founder at Mangrovia

Mauro Brescia

Thesis: "The optimal capital structure of the firm with taxes, bankruptcy costs and stochastic volatility" Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel
Senior Long Term Planning Specialist at ENTSO-E

Maria Chiara Cavarretta

Thesis: "Power options in the italian electricity market: an assessment of their potential in managing risk for the italian operators" Supervisor: Prof. Gianni Nicolini
Quantitative Risk Analyst at Mediobanca

Lorenzo Cea

Thesis: "A libor market model with multiple curves" Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel
Associate at J.P. Morgan

Gianpaolo D'Orazio

Thesis: "Portfolio construction and empirical testing of black litterman model" Supervisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante
Financial Analyst at EPPI - Ente di Previdenza dei Periti Industriali, Rome

Marco Di Cosmo

Thesis: "Calendar anomalies: Evidence from Real Estate Investment vehicles" Supervisor: Prof. Gianluca Mattarocci
Senior Vice President at Alantra Corporate Portfolio Advisory International, Milan

Alessio Di Mario

Thesis: "Prospectus content, investor attention and ipo first-day returns" Supervisor: Prof. Vincenzo Farina
Policy Expert at EBA

Lorenzo Ducci

Thesis: "Estimating the probability of default with balance sheet information: an empirical analysis on US Smes during the last financial crisis" Supervisor: Prof. Sandro Brunetti
Real Estate Development Analyst at Aquileia Capital Services, Milan

Simone Falasca

Thesis: A review on the status of NPLS in the market Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel
Senior Auditor at Deloitte, New York City

Valentina Formichella

Thesis: "The credit value adjustment" Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel
Consultant - Data Analyst at FAO, Rome

Alice Fortuna

Thesis: "Multiple bankin: the Italian case" Supervisor: Prof. Marianna Brunetti
Ph.D Candidate in Applied Statistics at University of Neuchâtel

Pierluigi Giosi

Thesis: "Pricing variance swap contracts" Supervisor: Prof.Stefano Herzel
Specialist at Prometeia Advisor SIM

Walter Alexander Gomez Canchis

Thesis: "Return style analysis of globally invested flexible mutual funds" Supervisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante
PhD Researcher at University of Trento

Mostafa Goudarzi

Thesis: "Dynamic spillover effect in future market" Supervisor: Prof. Gianni Nicolini
Corporate Debt Restructuring at Gruppo Bancario Cooperativo Iccrea

Stefano Leone

Thesis: "ALM logic for pension refunds" Supervisor: Prof. Ugo Pomante
Portfolio Management - Reinsurance at SACE, Rome

Laura Maccari

Thesis: "The credit worthiness evaluation through the rating system: an empirical application to the construction industry" Supervisor: Prof. Gianluca Mattarocci
Senior Purchasing Engineer Nome at Bitron, Qingdao

Wenli Mao

Thesis: "The Influence of Venture Capital on Family Governance System" Supervisor: Prof. Luca Gnan
Controller at Vodafone

Claudia Principe

Thesis: "Impact of international cross-listing on stock liquidity: evidence from European stock exchanges" Supervisor: Prof. Gianluca Mattarocci
Credit Risk Modelling Manager at Prometeia

Alberto Serafini

Thesis: "Comparative analysis of socially responsible and traditional investments" Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel
Data Analyst at Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Group, Rome

Arianna Setaro

Thesis: "Short term inflation density forecasting with a Bayesian VAR" Supervisor: Prof. Tommaso Proietti
Senior Agent at Gruppo Assicurativo Poste Vita, Rome

Edoardo Torelli

Thesis: "Convexity Correction for Interest Rate Derivatives" Supervisor: Prof. Stefano Herzel
Financial Analyst at Analistas Financieros Internacionales, Madrid

Federica Troiano

Thesis: "Labour Market Differences between Natives and Immigrants" Supervisor: Prof. Franco Peracchi
Business Analyst at State Street, London

Simone Tucci

Thesis: "The usefulness of the omega ratio in evaluating investment opportunities in the Greek market, during the crisis" Supervisor: Prof. Gianluca Mattarocci
Manager at Deloitte

Gabriele Viselli

Thesis: The share of income from non-intermediation activities in the European cooperative banks" Supervisor: Prof. Rocco Ciciretti
Lecturer at Capital University of Economics and Business, Beijing

Cizhi Wang

Thesis: "Case Study in Wand and Huawei, so that we can Find some Suggestion on Shareholder Structure and Employees" Supervisor: Prof. Luca Gnan
PhD Candidate at University of Bologna

Li Yanjun

Thesis: "Credit Cycle and Macroprudential Policy" Supervisor: Prof. Luisa Corrado