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Scholarships reserved for Msc in Finance and Banking students

Every year the MSc in Finance and Banking awards the best performing students with financial prizes

Who can apply? MSc in Finance and Banking students regularly enrolled 

First year student prizes: students can apply once completed the first year of the MSc in Finance and Banking.

Graduate prizes: students graduated in time can apply after the completion of the program.

LazioDisco Scholarships

Scholarships and accommodation by the Regional student welfare service

International students, as well as Italian students, can apply for scholarships and accommodation at the student welfare service - LazioDisco.

Applications are open from May until July every year. You may apply for scholarships, accommodation, fee reductions, study abroad periods (if already enrolled), and reductions in public transport fees. Please check the deadline and the documents required for applications well in advance.

The amount of the scholarship depends on several factors including your economic situation. Approximately two months after the application deadline LazioDisco will publish the names of successful candidates.

Who can apply? International and Italian students

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INPS Scholarships

Reserved to Italian applicants whose parents are (or have been) employed in the Italian public administration

INPS Scholarships are reserved to Italian applicants whose parents are (or have been) employed in the Italian public administration.

Who can apply? Italian students

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Other opportunities

  • Bank of Italy: Bonaldo Stringher, Giorgio Mortara and Donato Menichella Scholarships
  • Unicredit & Universities - Summer School Programme
  • Unicredit & Universities - Us Phd Scholarships

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