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ENEL Challenge

► Students work in a team to develop an innovative business project
► The best projects are selected for presentation at Tor Vergata or at ENEL TBC.
ENEL Challenge 2023
European Gas outlook: could we overcome the energetic war?

During 2022, Europe has faced an unpredictable and unprecedent event that totally changed the geopolitical and energetic equilibrium. Russia’s invasion against Ukraine represented not only the trampling of human rights within European territory, but also the beginning of a new era without Russian gas supply. For the first time in the history, the energetic supplies have been exploited as a weapon against an entire continent. Europe has started to struggle against the scarcity of one of the main gas supply flow on which it has always counted on.

How the gas supply and its mix changed over last year and how Europe reacted to the supply cut? Given this intricate new scenario, do you think Europe could survive without Russian gas?

If yes, what do you predict could be a new reasonable equilibrium price?

12 April at 11:00 am

Business case presentation by ENEL

Room S9 

by 14 April

Communication of the student groups + Curriculum Vitae

Students interested in participating should take it upon themselves to form groups with their classmates (3-4 members per group). Each group should designate a group representative who will email to the Program Office to communicate the group members’ details (name, surname and email contact) and attacching also the Curriculum Vitae of each member.

by 5 May

Projects submission

Deadline for projects submission to ENEL trading group.

16 May

Presentation of the best projects

Top selected groups will present their project at at Tor Vergata or at ENEL TBC.

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