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Meet the Practitioners

Meetings with practitioners are regularly organized to facilitate contacts between students and the job market.


April 8 - ENEL and PosteItaliane

The impact of SARS-CoV-2 virus on financial market

February 18 - BlackRock

Fabio Laricchia, Asset Management Solutions

November 22 - Avantage Reply

Sergio Guirreri & Mario Pace | Slide Presentation

October 18 - SACE SIMEST gruppo cdp

Dario Liguti, Chief Large Corporate Underwriting Officer | Slide Presentation


November 30 - SACE BT

Valerio Perinelli (General Manager at SACE BT) - slides presentation

February 21 - ENEL

Dario Di Masi (Head of Front Office Italy at ENEL)

April 9 - BancoPosta Fondi Sgr

Ugo Trenta (Head of Portfolio Management/Corporate at BancoPosta Fondi Sgr)


November 8 -Thomson Reuters

Luca Costantini, Analysis and monitoring corporate credit risk
slides presentation: Corporate Credit Risk Starmine Credit Risk Models Adfin Credit Calculation Guide 

December 6 - Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Cappellini Daniele, The CFA Program

December 14 -Thomson Reuters

Luca Costantini, Sovereign Credit Risk: how to monitor and analyze it


November 29 - Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Cappellini Daniele, Micucci Emiliano, Ronzoni Alessandro

December 16 - Prometeia and BIP - Business Integration Partners

Pietro Rossi (Senior Financial Analyst in the Market Risk Group at Prometeia), Interest Rate Derivatives with Negative Rates
Roberto Nappi (Manager of Financial Services at BIP), Crossing the exponential edge - slides presentation

May 9 - European Investment Bank (EIB)

Alessandro Ronzoni (Loan Officer at EIB) - slides presentation

April 27 - Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM)

Attilio Meucci (Founder of ARPM), Quantitative finance/fintech: education and opportunities

March 13 - Italian Sustainable Investment Forum (FFS)

Francesco Bicciato (Secretary General of FFS and Senior Consultant)

March 7 - Bank of Italy

Emanuela Atripaldi (Advisor at Bank of Italy), The SSM - slides presentation


October 5 - UniCredit Bank AG

Fabio Di Venuta (Financial Institutions Group Analyst), Managing market and credit risk: experience from a bank

December 3 - Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP)

Vladimiro Ceci (Chief Risk Officer at CDP), Sailing through the crisis -Lessons from Risk Management

December 10 - Morningstar Day

Davide Pelusi (CEO of Morningstar Iberia & Italy), Andrea Di Rocco (Project Manager for Southern region), (Jessica Zanetti Client Support Team Leader at Morningstar), Morningstar Direct: Database and Panel Data - Interviews Students

December 21 - Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and Thomson Reuters

Riccardo Cogo (Risk Manager at CDP) Modeling Behavioral Risk and Luca Costantini (Client Specialist Manager at Thomson Reuters) Tools to Monitoring and analyze derivatives in Thomson Reuters Eikon

May 13 - Unicredit Bank

Aurelio Maccario (Executive Vice President, Group Regulatory Affairs)

April 11 - P&G Alternative Investments

Saverio Massi Benedetti (Ph.D, Head of Risk Management)


October 1 - FAO

René Knellwolf (Senior Finance Officer) and Simona Colaiacomo (Finance Officer)

October 27-28 - IFAD

Abdou Bousselham (Senior Finance Officer)

November 18 - CREDIT SUISSE

Fabio Barbato (Senior Finance Officer) 

November 28 - Banca Akros

Maurizio Morini (Head Desk Structuring & Financial Engineering) and Gaetano Ferrara (Senior Trader Desk Structuring & Financial Engineering)

December 12 - Accenture 

Niccolò Bergamini (Senior Manager - Financial Services) and Ludovico Donato (Analyst - Financial Services)

March 31 - Vigeo

Robero Savia (SRI Senior Analyst) - slides presentation

April 17 - BNP Paribas

Andrea Werner Mondazzi and Giuseppe Pagnozzi (Corporate Division –Marketing, Planning and Development) - slides presentation

April 29 - Pioneer Investment

Giovanni Liccardo (Research Analyst at Pioneer Investment) - slides presentation



October 18 - ENEL

Lorenzo Ceppatelli (Head of risk management, Enel Trade) and Marco Miarelli (Senior commodities derivatives structure)

November 15 - Banca Intesa IMI Sanpaolo

Andrea Cosentini (Head of quantitative trading, Capital Markets- Risk Trading – Equity, Banca IMI) and Luca Lopez (Risk management, Banca Intesa)

November 28 - FAO and IFAD

René Knellwolf (Senior Finance Officer, FAO) and Abdou Bousselham (Senior Finance Officer, IFAD)

December  6 - BancoPosta Fondi sgr Poste Italiane group

Ugo Trenta (Head of Corporate Bond team)

March 12 - Morningstar Italia

Vincenzo Pellegrini (Institutonal Sales)

April 3 -Teleperformace Italia

Gianluca Bilancioni (Chief Financial Officier)