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CFA Research Challenge 2022/2023 Season

We are selecting the Tor Vergata Finance & Banking Team who will participate in the competition.

Dear second-year students, 
We would like to inform you that also this year, we have been invited to participate in the CFA Research Challenge. We should form and communicate the Tor Vergata Finance&Banking Team by 25 October 2022.
Please consult a brief presentation, the official rules, and a factsheet.
The Team will work with a mentor on an equity research report on a publicly traded company and must prepare a written report on the company by the beginning of February 2023 and present the report around the end of February 2023.
Moreover, the Team must consist of no fewer than three and no more than five members and must strive for diversity when considering members. 
This opportunity is addressed to Finance&Banking regularly enrolled students in the 2022/2023 academic year to the second year of studies.
Interested candidates may send their CV to msc_finance@economia.uniroma2.it by Thursday, 13 October 2022, indicating in the subject of the email “CFA Research Challenge 2022/2023 Season”. 
We will review the CVs and make a selection. After that, we will forward the most appropriate candidates to Professor Vincenzo Farina, who will organize the Tor Vergata Finance&Banking Team and who will be the faculty advisor of the Challenge.