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Meeting with the Program Coordinator

6 December 2022 in classroom S11

Dear Finance and Banking Students,

This is to inform you that on 6 December, 2022, there will be a meeting with the Program Coordinator.

For first-year students at 9:00 am in classroom S11
You will talk with Prof. Ciciretti about first-semester courses and exams. Moreover, Susie and Jennifer will briefly introduce second-semester activities (Refinitiv 2nd-semester certifications, Erasmus+, and Dual Degree applications).

For second-year students at 10:00 am in classroom S11
Since you are starting to apply for internship positions, Prof. Ciciretti will give you some tips on preparing for the job market, particularly regarding interviews. Please bring your CV, as I will check it, and we will schedule a one-to-one CV review if needed. Moreover, Susie will explain the next steps for graduating students, i.e., the procedure for registering for graduation.

In general, the meeting with the coordinator aims to advise and assist students; please do not miss this opportunity.