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Choosing Elective Courses

Electives may be chosen from all available courses, beginning from the second semester of study. When selecting electives, students are encouraged to bear in mind that MSc Finance and Banking offers the possibility to choose electives within three areas, thus allowing a specialization in Insurance, Finance or Banking. This suggested path of study provides for the achievement of specialized knowledge, in the spirit of building a strong academic background to better prepare for future employment opportunities within a specific professional field.


  • Class 2020/2021: students can take elective courses beginning from the second semester of the first year of studies.
  • Class 2019/2020 and earlier: students can take elective courses beginning from the second year of studies.
  • If students want to take an elective course that is not indicated in the elective courses list of their class program structure:
  1. The chosen course must be offered in English by a Master of Science Program of the School of Economics.
  2. Students must send an email to msc_finance@economia.uniroma2.it requesting authorization.