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Updated A.Y. 2021-2022


1. Introduction
    Asset returns. Stylized facts: asymmetry, kurtosis and volatility clustering. Stochastic processes: stationarity, purely random processes (white noise). Random walks and martingales.
    Review of prediction theory. Optimal prediction. Forecasting with nonstationary models: exponential smoothing.

2.  Volatility measurement and analysis
    Autoregressive Conditional Heteroscedasticity (ARCH) models: specification, properties, maximum likelihood estimation, prediction. Extensions: ARCH in mean.
    Generalized ARCH models, Integrated GARCH, Exponential GARCH models, GJR GARCH.

3. Review of multivariate distribution theory. Multivariate GARCH models. VEC and BEKK. Conditional correlation models: CCC, DCC. Factor models: Factor GARCH, O-GARCH. High-dimensional covariance estimation.

4. Stochastic volatility models. Pseudo-maximum likelihood inference. State space models. The Kalman filter.

5. Realized volatility. Market microstructure noise. Long memory.

6. Risk measurement: Value at Risk and expected shortfall. Copulae and tail dependence.

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