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Learning Objectives

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Knowledge of the activities of banks and financial intermediaries in the Investment Banking business area

KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING: Ability to identify and distinguish the characteristic profiles of the operations and services offered in the Investment Banking area

APPLYING KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING: Ability to use the knowledge acquired in the application of the analysis methods typical of the Investment Banking

MAKING JUDGEMENTS: Ability to integrate the knowledge acquired in the analysis of cases in a complex real context, formulating judgments based on the information available

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Knowing how to communicate clearly the conclusions reached in the analysis of case studies

LEARNING SKILLS: Ability to analyze the reference contexts of investment banking operations and apply appropriate solutions




The course examines the main functions of the investment banking activity. Based on relevant cases study the course focuses on the main topics in investment banking such as:
• Corporate Valuation
• Debt and equity offerings
• Merchant banking
• Merger and acquisition
• Credit and financing


Iannotta, G., Investment Banking, Springer-Verlag, 2010.


Iannotta, G., Investment Banking, Springer-Verlag, 2010.

Teaching methods

Lessons (problem solving)

Exam Rules

Non attending students: Oral exam
Attending students: Oral exam + Project work evaluation

Students who withdraw or fail the exam may take the exam in the same session

Students are expected to be fully engaged in the entire learning process. This means that students need to prepare the assigned readings of the cases prior to each class and come to class prepared to participate in discussions and/or group work to enhance the learning of the individual and the class. Students will find the relative material for each case on the website. Each student should demonstrate:
• The ability to set the parameters for the problem.
• Ample knowledge regarding the subject of the problem.
• The ability to connect the analysis to other course concepts.