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Registration to the first year

All admitted applicants, once received the Acceptance Letter, must send an email to the Admissions Office for confirming if they intend to enroll to our program. Afterwards, will be possible to proceed with the enrollment procedure from September through the Delphi platform.

  • Enrollment start date: September 2, 2019
  • Enrollment deadline: November 5, 2019


Admitted italian applicants who have studied in a Non-Italian University, once received the Acceptance Letter, must acquire the original Dichiarazione di Valore (Declaration of Value), which is the official document our Administration requires for the enrollment.

Admitted international applicants, once received the Acceptance Letter, need to go to the competent Italian Diplomatic Authorities in their home-country to complete the pre-enrollment procedure.

Admitted students are allowed to proceed with the enrollment only if they obtained the Bachelor Degree (Laurea Triennale).

Italian admitted students who have not yet obtained the Bachelor Degree (Laurea Triennale) are allowed to attend classes starting in September if they will graduate by the autumn session. Once graduated, they must enroll to our program by the enrollment deadline.

Procedure for students with a foreign bachelor degree

1. Students should go to the WELCOME POINT where computers and printers will be available as well as assistance from university staff:

  • Access the Delphi platform; select Student Section; select Registration; select Start Application Procedures; select On-campus Courses; select Option 1: I am in possession of the curricular requirements and I want to register myself.
  • Fill out the form with your personal information and choose if you would like to pay the second payment fee in one or two installments.
  • Select Print. The platform will generale the enrollment application as well as a list of documents to upload (*). Take note of the CTRL. 
  • Return to the Student Section of the Delphi platform: select Registration; select Option B indication that you have already filled out an application.
  • Insert your fiscal code and CTRL: upload the required documents in .pdf format (*).

2. Take all of your original documents to the International Office located at via Cracovia, 50, Building D, Floor 0, Room D001. Office hours: Monday and Friday 9 am-12 pm; Wednesday 9 am-12 pm and 2-4 pm

3. Once the original documents have been confronted with the uploaded documents, an email will be generated to confirm the enrollment status and indicate an appointment date and time to finalize the enrollment at the International Students Office (respect the time and date). In the email you will find instructions to download the payment slip for the first installment.

4. Access the Delphi platform again and print out the payment slip for the first installment; the last page will contain the payment slip.

5. Make payment at any branch office of the Unicredit Bank or via credit card through UniCredit Bank’s online payment system

6. On the day of your appointment at the International Students Office, provide the receipt of payment, the enrollment application and three recent passport-sized photo. 

7. The International students Office will then validate your payment and give you back the original documents. They will provide you with a student registration number (matricola) and password which you will need for the duration of your studies at the University, in order to register for future academic years, to take exams and to graduate.

After about 14 working days, you can go to the Students Administrative Office of the School of Economics to collect your Exam Booklet (Libretto) where exams will be registered. 

(*) Documents to be uploaded in Delphi:

  • Copy of the passport
  • Copy of the Italian Fiscal Code
  • Copy of the Resident Permit or receipt confirming the permit request (only for non-EU students resident abroad)
  • Copy of the Admission Letter
  • Bachelor degree or equivalent first level degree translated into Italian by an official translator, authenticated by the authorities of the country where it was obtained 
  • Declaration of Value of the qualification released by the Italian Diplomatic Authority or the Statement of comparability issued by CIMEA
  • Certificate listing the exams passed, translated and legalized (translation is not required for transcripts originally produced in English) or the Diploma Supplement

Procedure for students with an Italian bachelor degree


1. Fill the evaluation questionnaire on the website "Quest Test"

2. Save the code of the questionnaire (CQ) issued by the system (Attention: the CQ has a validity of five days from the date of completion of the questionnaire, once expired it has to be filled in again)

3. Connect to Delphi system and select "Registration" (section 2), then in the section "Start Application Procedure" select On-campus course, Faculty of Economics, choose the Option 1 "I have passed the Admission/sustained the assessment test/I am in possession of the curricular requirements and I want to register myself" and proceed with the registration inserting your data

4. Click on "Print" and the system will release the enrollment request and the bank form for the payment of the first instalment. Tuition fees can be paid at any branch office of the Unicredit Bank in Italy or by credit card through UniCredit Bank’s online payment system

5. Connect again to Delphi system in order to validate your payment: insert the CTRL and AUTH codes which are in the Bank's receipt of payment and the CQ code issued by the questionnaire

6. The Delphi system will release the enrollment number (matricola) and a password which will allow you to access the online students services (e-mail, fee payments, exam registration, etc.) Preserve carefully!


Once the payment has been validated in the Delphi system, go to the Students Administrative Office of the School of Economics with the following documents by November 5, 2019:

1. The The Enrollment Request printed from Delphi and signed by the student
2. Three recent passport-sized photographs
3. A copy of a valid personal identification document
4. A copy of the receipt of the first installment payment (students eligible for full exemption from payment of tuition fees are excluded)
5. The form printed during the payment validation procedure marked “to be handed to the Segreteria Studenti”

NOTE: The payment validation and the submission of the documents to the Students Administrative Office are both mandatory in order to complete the enrollment procedure. The Students Administrative Office will give you the University Exam booklet (Libretto) where exams will be registered.