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Cristell Gianluca Michael

Class of 2011/2012

International Business Consultant at Legal & Commercial Services International Co., Ltd


"My dual citizenship granted me the right to be an insider in two cultures and identify the strengths and weaknesses of each. This is at the origin of my flexible mentality and attraction to diversity. The MSc has been a great experience, since I have met many students from all over the world, sharing experiences, cultures and traditions. I graduated in November 2013, with a final dissertation on "Journalists and Markets, Framing Financial Media". I have lived in Thailand for the past few years partnering with a legal advisory company. My main role is to match investment and opportunities providing the legal framework and business service support. I promote commercial relations and trade between EU and South East Asia, providing clients with due diligence, tax and advisory services. Based in Bangkok I am focusing on assisting foreign investments in SEA."