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Maggio Daniele

Class of 2019/2020

Private Banking Advisor at BNL - BNP Paribas


"During my bachelor in Economics and Management, I’ve got interested in financial topics, which led me to enroll in the MSc in Finance and Banking. I soon realized that dealing with quantitative studies was what I needed. Throughout the program I found a very motivating environment with dedicated professors and well balanced courses ranging from theory to practical group projects, all of which gradually strengthened my quantitative background. Even during the pandemic, the program coordinator together with the academic staff worked hard to bridge the gap with the job market, by organizing virtual meetings with high qualified and experienced professionals. The MSc also gave me the opportunity to enrich my cv by taking the Datastream and Eikon certifications. Moreover, I will have the extraordinary opportunity to attend the ARPM Bootcamp, an intensive course in quantitative finance for which I received a scholarship from the MSc program. After finishing all the exams, I felt it was the right moment to enter the job market. Thanks to the program office notifications, I started the application process that brought me to a stage offer. In April I joined BNL - BNP Paribas, as Private Banking advisor. I am part of a team that provides support to the private bankers, developing investment proposals and managing large portfolios. Overall, I realize now that the hard work during the two-year MSc program helped me to find my dream job. I sincerely recommend joining the MSc in Finance and Banking and benefit from all the opportunities it offers!"