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Updated A.Y. 2022-2023

Module 2



Detailed understanding of the provision of public good and its implications in terms of efficiency and equity. Principles of optimal income and commodity taxation in competitive market and under market power. The course also focuses on the role and use of common resources.

It is expected that the students will learn an analytical approach to the economic issues. This first module will help strengthen and ease the analysis of the second cycle of courses and make students able to develop and/or implement original ideas, potentially with original research in mind. 

Course schedule

Please note that the dates on which material will be covered are approximate. Total 10 classes for a total of 36 hours. Classes will begin promptly; there will be a break of approximately 10-15 minutes, at an appropriate point towards the mid-point of the class.


The program of the course will touch the following topics:

Classic Public Economics

  • Theories of the Public Sector
  • Public goods and their Public provision
  • Externalities
  • Tax Models

Optimal commodity taxation

  • Optimal income taxation


Basics of Public Procurement


  • What is public procurement
  • Competitive procedures
  • Auction and scoring rules
  • Rules, Discretion, Quality and Corruption
  • Past Performance and Competence



Main references


The first part of the course will be based on Intermediate Public Economics, Hindriks & Myles (Ch 2nd Edition, 2013).

The second part will be based on the Handbook of Procurement, Piga G., Spagnolo G. and Dimitri N. Editors, CUP 2006.


Additional material, papers and further readings will be indicated in the lectures.

Course Web Page

The additional material for this course will be posted on the course page.