Friday 09 November 2018

dear students

just to confirm that the pre-exam will take place, as already communicated by our programme office, on thursday 15th nov. it starts 9.00 and will end arounf 17.00.

here is a repetition of how it will work:

- no specific order of exam: whoever comes forward first, is first "served"

- the exam is oral

- it consists how about 2 questions

- you start from your accumulated grade so far, but  i reserve the right to lower (or increase) your grade according to the quality of your oral answers. yp can cosult your staring grade from the excel spreadsheet available. so your final mark can be near or far from your entry grade. it depends on you

- register yourselves informally with desirèe/susan. but you can come and take the exam any time compatibly with existing queue

- do not forget to register on delphi for the formal exam in january. on that date i will input your grade into delphi. until that date the grade is "suspended". if  you do not register in january your grade will never exist  after that date i can sign booklets to those who need it.

best of luck

your pfofessor

course end , final grades and pre-exam

Monday 22 October 2018

dear students

the teaching part is now finished and it has been an exciting course. your final day has also shown some pretty good final projects,as you can see reflected in the marks you received.

i have now completed the final gradekeeper file with all your project grades, attendance and comments. the file is in available from desidèe and from susan. take time to go through it  and check of any eventual inaccuracies: attendance with desirèe and grades with me.

for your guidance , you all start from your mark in column Q. you must add the grade you will receive from me at your oral exam, which is the input in column O; which automatically upgrades again column Q for your final overall grade. you can simulate the grades you might get and have an idea of your final mark. this should help you make a decision about enrolling into the pre-exam. 

those below threshold that i have nonetheless admitted should take their entry/exit level into consideration.

i will soon decide and communicate the pre-exam date. as soson as this date is public, please quickly enroll with susan and desirèe: they will create a list for the exam attendance. you will sit your oral exam in any order you agree upon between yourselves .

well done so far and good luck for the final exam

your prof



Friday 12 October 2018

dear students

i have now completed the uploading of all your grades. i tried unsuccessfully to upload the file on this website, but apparently it is not possible to include an excel file.

so you can see your grades from your group published by desirèee and i can show it transparently  on monday in class.

you did on average pretty well so far, so congratulations!

your prof

final project: groups and topic

Monday 08 October 2018

dear students

as already announced , i expect today to have all your groups with a topic for a strategic move to be analysed as your final project (50% of your global mark).

please send to desirèe your proposal and have it approved by me today at 11.00. she will prepare a file with a topic for each group

your prof

uk premiership solution

Friday 05 October 2018

dear students

i have now uploaded the file with the solution for the above exercise, so you can compare your work to the solution and relate it to your mark, which i also just published

best regards

your prof

important initial message

Friday 21 September 2018

dear students

welcome to the advanced management course. this course is highly practical and interactive. you will find plenty on occasions to partcipate and learn by doing through the many exercises and projects you will carry out.

for this reason i suggest you are present to ALL lessons. visit the course website immediately and download the teaching plan and teaching material, before the course starts.

in particular , it is very important that you are present to the first lesson, which is scheduled for mondat 24th sept, 2018 in classroom P4. in this important initial session, i will describe how the course will work, how the exams will be organized , the composition of your exam grades and the teaching material.

so see you at the first lesson

your prof

vittorio de pedys

important information about the course

Saturday 16 September 2017

dear students

welcome to the advanced management coures. i trust you will find challenging, interactive and you should seriuosly benefit from it. i expect responsible study behavior in terms of presence, particpation, assigments, etc. all teaching material has been uploaded on the course website

i strongly suggest you come the first lesson, which takes place on monday 25th septmebr at 11.00 in aula magna. i will give you relevant information about the course, requirement, assignments, valuation criteria, exams, etc. in particular , attendance is required for all of you that want to sustain a pre-exam in a facilitated way

your professor

vittorio de pedys


Tuesday 27 September 2016




(the password is in small case)



come to the first lesson

Tuesday 22 September 2015

dear student

please make sure to come to our first lesson, where important information about this course will be discussed. topics such as : content, exam procedure, timetable, teaching  material, methodology, valuation etc.

the first lesson will be monday 28th october, 2015 at 11.00 room P10

see you then

prof.  vittorio de Pedys

info about final exams

Tuesday 22 September 2015

dear student

i strongly suggest you attend all lessons of this course. i will take attendance evidence by having students sign off attendance sheets. il you complete at least 80% of lessons, you will be entitled to a siemplified oral exam. during the lessons you will do several practical exercises and a final teamwork presentation, which counts as mi-term exam. this will be your starting level for the simplified oral exam in january.

non-attending students will instead separately do a written exam , on the same date in january. the exam will be the written discussion of a case