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Updated A.Y. 2022-2023

The course in a nutshell

The course is an introduction to data analysis using the statistical software Stata. The ultimate goal of the course is to enable students to answer a research question via processing and analysing data, interpreting the output of the analysis and presenting it in a publication-quality style. The course is of specific interest to students willing to do an empirical thesis or wanting to continue their academic career by way of a PhD course.


Detailed program


  • why investing in learning data analysis and Stata
  • fundamentals of data analysis
  • basics of Stata


Topic 1 - analysis of the output gap and the FedFunds rate

  • importing data from excel and csv files
  • variable management (renaming, labelling, dropping)
  • graphical representation of time series
  • tables of summary statistics
  • exporting graphs and summary stats


Topic 2 - analysis of unemployment for women after the 2008 crisis in the US

  • merging different dataset
  • working with dates in Stata
  • collapsing data
  • combining different graphs on the same file or on the same space


Topic 3 - effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on unemployment

  • building maps in Stata
  • simple correlation analysis (recap and implementation in Stata)
  • linear interpolation
  • questioning your own results


Topic 4 - analysis of the gender pay gap in the UK using the BHPS survey

  • hypothesis testing and OLS regression (recap and implementation in Stata) 
  • interpreting the results of an OLS regression
  • robustness
  • exporting estimation results



Credits and assessment

The course is valid for extra credit recognition for EEBL students conditional to receiving a positive evaluation, which will be assessed via:

  • attendance = no less than 80%
  • group exercises during regular classes
  • individual exercise on December 5th   


Reference material

Slides, data and do files, which will be made available during the course; 

Textbook: Cameron, A. C., & Trivedi, P. K.. Microeconometrics using STATA (Vol. 2). STATA press. Revised edition 2010. Chapters 1, 2 and 3.