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How to best prepare for EEBL

The Master of Science degree in European Economy and Business Law programme at the University of Rome Tor Vergata is a rewarding but challenging programme, especially for students who do not have a strong background in mathematics, statistics and economics. While the programme's admissions board carefully selects which candidates to accept from a wide array of academic backgrounds, the key to success for students who enrol in EEBL is to be fully prepared at the start of the first semester. Students who do not have a bachelor degree in economics or mathematics are strongly urged to take into consideration the following suggestions.

Students already in Rome

For students who already live in Rome or for those who are completing their bachelor degree at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, the EEBL Programme Office recommends that they take advantage of the academic courses that are offered in the autumn and spring semesters each year. University courses can be audited free of charge and enrolled students finishing their bachelor degrees can sit the exams, if permitted by their current study programme. Students who are not enrolled at the University can sit exams for a fee. The EEBL Programme Office recommends attending the following courses that are offered annually at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. Students interested in taking advantage of this opportunity should send a request to the EEBL Programme Office (admissions@eebl.uniroma2.it) to make sure place is available in these classes where spaces are limited.

Recommended lectures to attend at Tor Vergata before EEBL enrolment
Semester Course Name Degree Programme
I Statistical Tools for Decision Making BA in Global Governance
II Microeconomics BA in Global Governance

Students beginning in autumn 2024

Specific preparatory courses, held each year prior to the start of the core courses, are aimed at reviewing the fundamental concepts and some common basics in mathematics, statistics and economics. Therefore, attending preparatory courses is considered obligatory for those who at the time of application do not have a strong background in these areas. For students with a solid foundation in these subjects, the preparatory courses can be used as an opportunity to review important concepts. Students can download the reading material for the preparatory courses and consult the timetable for lecture dates; lectures will be held online. Click on the course name to link to Microsoft Teams.

Preparatory Courses 2024
Mathematics TBA TIMETABLE syllabus 2023 course material
Microeconomics Lorenzo Bozzoli TIMETABLE syllabus 2023 course material


Alfonso Russo TIMETABLE syllabus 2023 course material
Macroeconomics TBA TIMETABLE syllabus 2023 course material
Italian for beginners CLICI WEBSITE NA NA