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Topic 1 Thinking as an economist: supply and demand. Free or coercing markets? (1)
Topic 2 The consumer’s (often) rational choice (2)
Topic 3 Individual and market demand (3)
Topic 4 Consumer’s surplus and market-driven well-being (3)
Topic 5 The firm and its goals (4)
Topic 6 Technology (4)
Topic 7 Cost functions (4)
Topic 8 Perfect competition (5)
Topic 9 Monopoly (5)
Topic 10 Efficiency, Pareto and Marshall welfare criteria (5)


What Money Cant Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets, by Michael Sandel, Penguin Books, 2013.


Principles of Microeconomics-Lectures, Giappichelli Editore (2022).

Teaching methods

In-class teaching.

Exam Rules

20% of the assessment will be based on a 2-pages paper (at most 8000 characters), produced by a group of 8-9 students (16 groups) where the team membership is pre-assigned by the Professor. Students will choose a current global or local relevant issue on their own and will discuss it with a perspective they found in Sandel’s book, by explicitly quoting at the beginning one passage (no more than 3 lines) of the book. The discussion could be used to confute or reinforce a point made by Prof. Sandel with the help of the new issue selected by the group. The paper has to be turned in by no later than May 15, 2023 with all 8-9 signatures in it, otherwise points assigned will be 0 to all of the 8-9 students.
40% of the assessment will be based on a mid-term written exam in mid-semester.
40% of the assessment will be based on a final written exam at the end of the course. The final grade will be-rescaled upwards according to a curve based on the overall class performance.
Non-attending students (students with less than 80% of presence in class or that have turned down the attending student grade or failed the attending student evaluation or that have failed the mid-term written exam) will take a final written exam based on the program underlined in the textbook.