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The EU programme Erasmus+ offers the possibility of studying abroad for 3-12 months and provides funding through a unique scholarship programme. The University of Rome Tor Vergata has more than 100 partner Universities where students may apply to study abroad. The deadline for the online Erasmus application is February each year. Students may participate in more than one Erasmus programme during the course of their studies. The scholarship allocates between €250 and €300 per month, depending on the country of destination, and students with the lowest ISEE-U could be eligible for additional funding. 70% of the funding is anticipated before students' departure, the remaining 30% is provided after students return and register at least 12 CFU per semester, which have been previously approved by the EEBL Erasmus Coordinator.


  1. Application via the official online annual call for applications.
  2. Winners should take into consideration different universities and verify that their chosen courses will be recognised by EEBL. More precisely, the course content and lecture credits abroad must correspond to similar courses at Tor Vergata*. Please find here a brief list of courses that have been approved in recent academic years - this does not mean these courses are still available or that the courses are held during the current academic year. Please also take note that these courses are not necessarily pre-approved.
  3. Confirm their university of choice.
  4. Prepare the exam approval request form for the signature of the EEBL Coordinator; send to msc@eebl.uniroma2.it
  5. Submit the signed form at the Erasmus Office.

*Students should keep in mind that a language certificate will be required to participate in the program. When students select their Erasmus university, they should verify that the chosen institution offers master-level courses in EEBL-related subject areas for similar credits. Credit recognition for exams will only be granted for pre-approved exams that meet these requirements. Students may take other exams that are not approved, however, the CFU will not be recognized or counted toward the EEBL degree. Scholarship winners should send the exam approval form to msc@eebl.uniroma2.it with a list of exams to propose for pre-approval, along with the host university's links to each course’s detailed syllabus, as well as the corresponding course name at Tor Vergata and its Delphi code. Forms that do not include the name of the host university will not be considered.

Upon return to Tor Vergata, at least 12 CFUs must be recognized in order to keep the full scholarship.

An English-speaking tutor will be available to assist foreign students on the following days and hours in the Erasmus Office of the School of Economics, located in Building B (Ricerca) on the Ground Floor, behind the computer lab: Monday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm; Wednesday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm; Thursday from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Erasmus+ Coordinator Susanna Petrini
Phone: +39.06.72595507-5560
E-mail: petrini@economia.uniroma2.it
Erasmus+ Assistant Simona DeAngelis
Phone: +39.06.72595752
E-mail: simona.de.angelis@uniroma2.it

Erasmus Programmes exclusively for EEBL students

  • Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey
  • University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg, Sweden

Useful instruments for Erasmus students

  • ErasmusU student housing platform for those looking for student accommodation (all over the world).
  • GaragErasmus is a professional network for Erasmus alumni that offers a job platform, event sharing and project promotion.  
  • Erasmus Student Network platform for Erasmus students.