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Online enrolment to EEBL

On this page, you will find all the necessary information to complete the online enrolment procedure to EEBL.

The new online enrollment procedure is available starting August 2024 and it includes both the uploading of the documents, payment of the first installment, validation and printing of the Student ID number, and password required to access online lessons.

DiSCoLazio Scholarships

The DiScoLazio Call for the awarding of scholarships, allocating accommodations, Erasmus contributions and Graduation Awards for the academic year 2024/2025 is available by June.

This will be accompanied throughout the year by other Calls for the awarding of book vouchers, rent contributions, transportation allowances and various other contributions.

Pre-courses 2024/25

Click above for all relevant information on the pre-courses: timetables, syllabi and materials.

EEBL is a rewarding but challenging programme, especially for students who do not have a strong background in mathematics, statistics and economics.

Students who do not have a bachelor degree in economics or mathematics are strongly urged to take into consideration the following suggestions.

Academic Calendar and Timetable

The 2024/25 academic year starts on 16 September 2024. Students with a background different from economics must attend online pre-courses before the official start of the classes. 

On this page you will be able to consult the programme for each course and the full timetable.

Welcome Office activities

Tor Vergata University of Rome is pleased to welcome all of our newly enrolled students to the Students Welcome Weeks 2024. 

International students will be assisted in filling out the form to request a Residence Permit, Health Insurance and other services. 

Tuition Fees 2024/2025 a.y.

Here you will find additional information about the tuition fees for the 2024/2025 academic year, both for students with income declared in Italy or with income abroad.

Permit to Stay in Italy

What is a permesso di soggiorno? It is a residence permit card, or “permit to stay” in Italy, that validates your presence in an Italian city for a specific period of time. EEBL students must apply for this document - within the first eight days after arrival in Italy – if they are non-EU citizens and intend to stay in Italy for more than 90 days. Prior to applying for a permit, students will need to to have applied for a study visa at the Italian consulate in their home country.

Italian Language Course

All foreign students admitted to the programme may participate in free Italian courses during the first year of their studies. Beginner and Advanced courses are offered to prepare students to use the Italian language on a daily basis. The courses will enable students to complete all practical tasks while living in Rome as well as make new friends! 

Student Handbook 2024/25

Here students have access to all procedures and deadlines for the 2024/2025 academic year.