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New Student Orientation | Welcome to Finance and Banking Tor Vergata!

This page provides important information for new students of the MSc in Finance and Banking. 

To ensure your studies start smoothly, please study this page carefully and return to it often.


The academic year begins on 1 September 2020.

Online learning will be the official teaching method for the first semester of the 2020/2021 academic year; the official online learning platform is Microsoft Teams. In the first module of the first semester, students must follow the Mathematics course and the Statistics course.

The Mathematics course, held by Prof. Paolo Gibilisco, begins on 1 September (this is not a pre-course, it is the official course).

Regarding statistics, you will have a Pre-course in Statistics during the first two weeks of the program (starting 1 September) aiming to review important concepts before beginning the course.

The Statistics course, held by Prof. Maura Mezzetti, will begin on 14 September.

All details (syllabus, material, calendar, link/code to join the online classes on Microsoft Teams) are on each course webpage. Please consult the complete list of Finance and Banking courses.

Moreover, here you can find the academic calendar, the lectures timetable, exams rules, etc. Check the academic calendar regularly.


If you have obtained your Bachelor Degree (Laurea Triennale) you are allowed to proceed with the official enrollment. With the official enrollment to our program you will be able to get the User ID (matricola) and password to access online classes. Please read carefully the instructions for the enrollment.

Once you get the User ID (matricola) you can access online services. You need to activate the university email address, activate Office365 and then register to online classes through Delphi. Please read here the instructions on how to join the online classes.

Once you have registered for the courses through Delphi, you will obtain the link to the online lectures. If the link is not available, you should ask your professor to provide access to the lectures.


Admitted students who have not yet earned a Bachelor Degree (Laurea Triennale) are allowed to attend classes starting in September if they graduate by the autumn session; immediately following graduation, they must enroll in our program by the enrollment deadline (18 December 2020). Since they cannot proceed with the official enrollment and access online services, they can request a temporary Microsoft Teams account. The code/link to access the online classes is on each course webpage. If this is not available, you should ask for it directly to the professor.

Once graduated, you must proceed with the official enrollment and you will get the User ID (matricola). Afterthat, you need to activate the university email address, activate Office365 and your official Microsoft Teams Account. Please read here the instructions.


Tor Vergata University’s Student Portal is an essential tool and it is important that you log in on a regular basis.

Here you can register to online courses, access exam registrations and results, e-transcripts, tuition fees payments and find information about the services that are available to you. Remember that you need to also activate your student e-mail account and services by Office 365 Education (included Microsoft Teams) through the Student Portal.


The Welcome Office will organize online meetings dedicated to welcome and orientation activities. The meetings will be in English and open to new enrolled students. They will give you information about the enrollment procedure, access to online classes and general support if you are facing difficulties. You will receive by email a link for the online meetings.


  • 26 August at 3pm
  • 27 August at 10am
  • 28 August at 10am
  • 8 September at 10am

For further information about the Welcome Online Activities 2020 click here


Our office is closed to the public, but services continue to run remotely. You can contact us via e-mail at msc_finance@economia.uniroma2.it

If you would like telephone assistance, please send an email explaining the reasons for your request. Indicate the time (between 9am and 1pm or between 2pm and 4 pm, Rome time) and date (Monday to Friday, national holidays excluded) you would like to be contacted via Microsoft Teams or Skype, specifying your contact. You will receive a confirmation as soon as possible.


Please be advised that for any issues regarding tutoring, you may contact the Coordinator, Professor Rocco Ciciretti, who is always available at rocco.ciciretti@uniroma2.it.

He will be available for telephone, Skype or Microsoft Teams appointments upon request.