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Regolamento esame

The grade will be assessed by combining the grades obtained on the homework (weekly assignements, students can work in groups of at most 4 people),  on class participation (determined by the presences in class during the discussions of the homework and the active participation of the students to the lectures), and on the final exam (a written test to be taken during the exam period).

The final grade is determined by the following weights

• Class Participation (20%)

• Homework (30%)

• Final Exam (50%)

Students who actively participate to the course will receive, at the end of the course, an admission gradethat is the weighted sum of their homework and class participation.

Only students who received an admission grade can participate to the midterm exam.

For students who do not follow the course, the final grade is determined by the final exam, which in their case will also have an oral part.


Until the end of the emergency, or until new rules regarding the exams are decided by the Rector, the exam rules will be as follows:

1. As stated before the emergency, students can sit to only one of the two exams of the summer sessions and their final grade will be determined only by the exam (i.e. all bonus points earned during the course are expired).

2. The exam will be partly written and partly oral.

3. The written exam will be similar to the problem sets and to the written exams of the winter session.

4. The oral exam will take place in the days immediately following the written exam. It will start from the written exam and I will check that the student is not blindly applying some rules to solve the exercises but understands the main points leading to the solution. I may also ask questions about topics that were not included in the written exam but that I treated during the course (check the lecture notes for a detailed description of what I covered in class).

5. Students who wish to take the exam should: i) Register for the exam on Delphi. ii) Join the virtual class on Teams (class code: qm4b5p9)  iii)inform me by email.