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August 2021:
Economic History, a.y. 2020-21, Fall Session, September 2021. Guidelines for students.

The exam will be conducted in person. The exam includes both a written test and, for students who have passed the written test (grade of at least 18/30), an oral test. The written test, lasting about 2 hours, includes a small number of open-ended questions. During the written test, the student may not consult books, handouts, electronic devices, or materials of any kind.
In line with the University's indications, there will also be an online exam for students who request it and meet the requirements (such as, for example, being Covid positive). Please refer to the Teaching Organization Plan from September 2021 for further details: https://web.uniroma2.it/index.php/it/contenuto/piano_di_organizzazione_della_didattica_e_delle_attivitar_curriculari_a_decorrere_dal_1r_settembre_2021 

For further information please contact the lecturer.


September 2021 Online Written Exam. Students must log in to Teams, equipped with a camera that also frames the surrounding workspace (a room without other people and monitors). Prior to the start of the test, identification will take place by showing the student's transcript and ID. 

After the recognition of students, each student will receive by e-mail the text of the written test and must return it to the teacher (as detailed below) no later than 2 hours.   The student will have to get in advance white sheets of paper and a pen (answers must be hand written, so that answers written in Microsoft Word or similar software will not be accepted).  Hand written answers must be contained in a maximum number of 4 sides (i.e. 2 pages). It will be the responsibility of the student to number each side from 1 to 4.  Each side of the paper MUST contain the student's first name, last name, student ID (“matricola”), and signature. Without these items, the test will not be graded. Please note that the use of books, notes, or technological means (computers, smartphones, etc)  is not allowed. The teacher will supervise the regular progress of the online written test  using Microsoft Teams and will cancel the tests in suspected cases.  Any loss of time is to the detriment of the student. It is therefore advisable to prepare for the exam in good time. 

After taking the written test, the student will use the appropriate technological means (scanner, smartphone,..) to digitize his/her handwritten paper which will be sent to carlo.ciccarelli@uniroma2.it. The subject of the email message must be: NAME, SURNAME, EH-EEBL,  SEPTEMBER 2021-ONLINE WRITTEN EXAM and must have the written text with the answers attached to the email message. (The text of the email must be left blank). Students must use the institutional uniroma2 email.