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Updated A.Y. 2020-2021

Introduction: What is economic history?

1 -The making of Europe

2 - Europe from obscurity to economic recovery

3 - Population, economic growth and resource constraints

4 - The nature and extent of economic growth in the pre-industrial epoch

5 - Institutions and growth

6 - Knowledge, technology transfer and convergence

7 - Money, credit and banking

8 - Trade, tariffs and growth 

9 - International monetary regimes in history 

10 - The era of political economy: from the minimal state to the Welfare State in the twentieth century

11 - Inequality among and within nations: past, present, future

12 - Globalization and its challenge to Europe

Reference book: An Economic History of Europe. Knowledge, Institutions and Growth, 600 to the Present”, 2nd edition 2015, CUP, K.G. Persson, P. Sharp.



Attending students: The Econ Hist exam includes 2 parts.  The first is the evaluation of a written essay in economic history on a topic agreed with the instructor. Guidance will be given to students in class. Students will work on the written essay in teams (max 4 students per team).  Empirical essay based on historical data are welcome.  The second part is the oral individual exam.

Non-attedning students: The Econ Hist exam includes 2 parts.  The first is a written examination with open questions. The second  part consists in the oral exam.

All exam grades on or above the pass mark (min 18/30) can be given  extra points based on active participation to the course.