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Call for Application Dual Degree with the University of Gothenburg

The Call for Application is usually available in February/March each year.

Students who send an application to participate in the Dual Degree program, will be evaluated on the number of credits achieved as well as on their weighted GPA. All exams completed by mid-February are taken into consideration, which means that students are evaluated based on their performance in the courses taught in the autumn semester.

Since both the number of credits and the GPA are taken into consideration during the evaluation process, students are encouraged to do well in both areas.

Ranking Selection 2020/2021

Congratulations to the students who have been selected to participate in the Dual Degree Program with the University of Gothenburg next year!

Winning students are requested to confirm their position by email to msc_finance@economia.uniroma2.it by 9 May 2021. 

Winning students are kindly requested to fill out and submit a Learning Agreement (available through the Erasmus Office) for approval by the MSc Finance and Banking Coordinator before departure. They are also reminded that to qualify for the Dual Degree Program, they must achieve a minimum of 60 CFU at Tor Vergata by 10 September 2021.

Domenico Roberto Curciarello WINNER – CONFIRMED
Paiman Sobati Qualifies to participate if a winner forfeits