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Updated A.Y. 2017-2018

This course provides a basic introduction to programming in MAtlab.

IT is based on the online course MATLAB Fundamentals, available through the Campus Licence.

1. Getting Started
Overview of the course. Entering MATLAB commands and creating variables,
Course Overview
Entering Commands
Using Built-in Functions and Constants
2. Importing and Plotting Data
Importing data, plotting results, and obtaining help.
Course Example - Importing and Visualizing Gasoline Prices
Getting Data into MATLAB
Obtaining Help
Plot Tools
Annotating Plots
Exporting Figures
Desktop Overview
Project - Importing and Plotting Data
3. Increasing Automation with Scripts
Creating and using scripts.
Course Example - Using a Script to Automate Plotting Gasoline Prices
Create and Run a Script
Adding Plots
Code Sections
Adding a Plot Legend
Publishing Code
Project - Using Scripts
4. Analysis and Visualization with Vectors
Perform mathematical and statistical calculations with vectors, and create basic visualizations. Use MATLAB syntax to perform calculations on whole data sets with a single command.
Course Example - Vectors of Gasoline Price Data
Performing Array Operations on Vectors
Calculating Statistics of Vectors
Indexing into Vectors
Manually Entering Vectors
Creating Evenly-Spaced Vectors
Extracting Multiple Elements
Identifying Available Vector Plot Types
Axis Control
Project - Analysis and Visualization with Vectors
5. Analysis and Visualization with Matrices
Use matrices as mathematical objects or as collections of (vector) data. Understand the appropriate use of MATLAB to distinguish between these applications.
Course Example - Electricity Consumption
Concatenating Arrays
Array Creation Functions
Accessing Data in Matrices
Performing Operations on Matrices
Matrix Multiplication
Using Statistical Operations on Matrices
Creating Arrays of Text
Plotting Multiple Columns
Visualizing Matrices
Reshaping Arrays
Project - Analysis and Visualization with Matrices
6. Review Project I
Tie together several topics covered in the course
Project - Halfway Review of Fundamentals
7. Tables of Data
Import data as a MATLAB table. Work with data stored as a table.
Course Example - Storing Premier League Data
Storing Data in a Table
Sorting Table Data
Extracting Portions of a Table
Extracting Data from a Table
Exporting Tables
Project - Tables of Data
8. Conditional Data Selection
Extract and analyze subsets of data that satisfy given criteria.
Course Example - Home Field Advantage
Logical Operations and Variables
Counting Elements
Logical Indexing
Project - Conditional Data Selection
9. Organizing Data
Store data in relevant data types. Operate on the data types.
Course Example - Premier League Team Information
Combining Tables
Table Properties
Indexing into Cell Arrays
Working with Dates and Times
Operating on Dates and Times
Representing Discrete Categories
Project - Organizing Data
10. Data Analysis
Programmatically import data and perform typical data pre-processing and analysis tasks in MATLAB, including dealing with missing data, smoothing data and fitting polynomials.
Course Example - Analyzing Electricity Consumption
Normalizing Data
Working with Missing Data
Interpolating Missing Data
Moving Window Operations
Linear Correlation
Polynomial Fitting
Customizing Plot Properties
Project - Data Analysis
11. Increasing Automation with Programming Constructs
Create flexible code that can interact with the user, make decisions, and adapt to different situations.
Course Example - Comparing Prices
User Interaction
Decision Branching
Determining Size
For Loops
While Loops
Project - Programming Constructs
12. Increasing Automation with Functions
Increase automation by encapsulating modular tasks as user-defined functions. Understand how MATLAB resolves references to files and variables.
Course Example - Electricity Consumption in Different Sectors
Creating and Calling Functions
Function Files
MATLAB Path and Calling Precedence
Project - Functions
13. Troubleshooting Code
Explore MATLAB tools for debugging and measuring code performance.
Course Example - Debugging
Code Analyzer
Debugging Run Time Errors
Project - Troubleshooting Code
14. Review Project II
Tie together several topics covered in the course
Project - Review of Fundamentals