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Exam  structure
Regardless for being in-person or online, the final evaluation is based on a closed-book exam, covering the entire course’s program. It includes open questions, multiple choices questions, and exercises aimed at evaluating the knowledge and understanding of the theoretical as well as applied notions illustrated during the course.

Exam  rules

  • Students must book on Delphi for the exam. Please notice that students not booked will not be allowed to take the exam.ù
  • The students are allowed to use pens, calculator, and ID document. Textbooks, notes or other material are not allowed and their use by the students will invalid the exam. In such an event, the student will be allowed to re-sit the exam during the following session.
  • Final marks are uploaded on Delphi (normally within few days after the exam) so to be individually received by email by candidates. Please be reminded that students willing to refuse the final mark have to notify this via Delphi, in the dedicated space. This is the ONLY way to refuse the exam final mark (email messages in this sense will not be considered). In absence of any communication by the student, the final mark is considered accepted (tacit consent rule applies).

On-line exams

The exam will be administered from remote using Microsoft Teams.

Before the exam, those who have registered for the exam will be invited to join the exam on Microsoft Teams for a technical check.
At the beginning of the exam, you will be informed about the number of questions and the time you will have to complete the exam, which will be then distributed to all students through Moodle Tab in the Course's Microsoft Teams. You should answer to all the questions within the indicated deadline.

During the exam, the camera and the microphone on your laptop will have to be on and functioning for the entire duration of the exam. Failure to do so may result in you being disqualified from the exam.

All the remaining rules apply also to this type of exams.