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Learning Objectives

In this course, we learn about the importance of planning, setting goals and the strategy setting and execution. The latter is the most important item in the process which leads to the implementation of plans in order to achieve previously set goals. Furthermore, strategy and strategic capability are of key importance to the firm’s resilience.
We live in time when the only static thing is permanent change. The environment in the last half a century has changed dramatically. Ha have had changes in the broad environment, from G7 to G20, China’s transition from underdeveloped nation to a world power and the change of composition of Dow Jones Index which doesn’t feature a single firm from its establishment. We have had lesser and bigger crisis: from the financial turmoil in 2009 to the Covid crisis that started in 2019.
As students of business we need to understand why some firms are successful and some are not; why some businesses strive and some go down. Nokia was by far the largest cell phone producer, Yahoo the biggest search engine, but not anymore. The main topic we’d try to understand in this course is strategic capability of the firm!

Upon successful completion of this module, the student should be able to:
• Understand the strategic capability of the firm.
• Understand the importance of strategy for navigation in challenging and unpredictable business environment, Understanding the importance of value creation.
• Get a deeper understanding of customer needs, competitive forces and the firm’s strengths and weaknesses with regards to the newer concepts of complementarity and the role of “state” in the situational analysis.