Student authentication

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University email account

All students of the University of Rome Tor Vergata are provided with a University email account.

How to activate the account provided by the University:

  • Access the Delphi website and log in with your username and password.
  • Select “Activate Other Services” (“OTHER SERVICES” area).
  • Select “Launch Microsoft Office365”.
  • If you are an Erasmus/Dual Degree student you have to click on "Request New Cloud" and follow the instructions
  • Then select “First Activation / Reset Password”
  • Select “RESET” and choose a password on the relating account and confirm.
  • Access your email box through the website outlook.com/uniroma2.eu by entering your username (name.surname@cloudsa.uniroma2.eu) and password.
  • Please note that when your account is activated, you are provided with a UserID (name.cognome@cloudsa.uniroma2.eu) that you will use for the services and with an email address (firstname.lastname@students.uniroma2.eu).

Microsoft Office 365

Enjoy all the benefits and services of Microsoft Windows Live web services (free access to Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office Professional Plus).

How to activate Microsoft Office 365:

  • Activate the account provided by the University
  • Access the Office 365 Portal.
  • Login using the email address provided by the University.
  • Set up your account.
  • You can install Office 365 or use the Apps online.


To have more information or support you can contact office365@support.uniroma2.it