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What: Business Administration & Economics

The bachelor in Business Administration & Economics is a undergraduate degree course useful to cope with the complexity of a global economy.

The programme presents a multidisciplinary approach, tackling with concepts and models from Management, Economics, Finance and Quantitative Methods.

The structure of the programme is continuously updated, focusing on the development of concrete links between theory and real-world applications. The international context supports our students to strengthen their own integration and co-competition abilities to successfully approach the professional and the personal life.

The BA&E programme provides the competencies and the conceptual and methodological tools to meet the challenges of the economic system and the internal dynamics of organisations and institutions that elaborate their strategies in it. It is a three - year programme fully taught in English: the first two academic years share a base of common training courses, while in the third year, students can choose between two different curricula, Business Administration (course code T16) or Economics (course code T17).

Where: University of Tor Vergata

The University of Rome Tor Vergata is ranked 38th worldwide among the so-called "young" universities (QS ranking) and the School of Economics is among the top School in Italy (Censis-La Repubblica). In little more than 30 years "Tor Vergata" has become one of the most important Italian universities. It ranks 10th among Italian Universities.

40,000 students enrolled in 108 graduate programmes (Bachelor, onecycle, MSc or MA degree courses), 160 postgraduate courses, 50 specialisation schools and 31 PhD programmes, taught either in Italian or in English.

University of Tor Vergata is just 40 minutes away from Rome's historic city centre, easily reached by public transportation. 

Who: English Speaking Students

We are looking for students with a strong interest in Management and Economics, curious and open-minded, striving to develop an international career. Our students should be ready to learn theories and models but also eager to get them applied.

Our admission procedure is addressed to all students who are near completion of their last year of High School. Foreign  Secondary School Diplomas are valid to apply to any Bachelor’s degree course if obtained following a period of schooling of at least 12 years. For further information on qualifications issued abroad, please check our website and the Ministry of Education’s rules.

Application requirements:

  • DELPHI application procedure
  • CV - Europass format
  • SAT and ACT (not mandatory)